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Digital 26-04-2018

Commission threatens to legislate on ‘fake news’ ahead of 2019 EU election

The European Commission has threatened to introduce legislation on so-called fake news by the end of the year as part of its strategy to clamp down on online disinformation before the 2019 EU elections.
Agrifood 14-06-2017

Consumer group wants to kill cartoons on ‘unhealthy’ food for children

The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) urged food companies on Wednesday (14 June) to stop using cartoon characters to promote unhealthy foods for children, saying they negatively affect their dietary behaviour.

Policymakers mull EU alcohol marketing law

Alcohol consumption among young people increases as a result of advertising campaigns and the EU should promote more responsible marketing, stakeholders agreed this week. But responsibility for dealing with the issue lies with member states and the European Commission has no intention of harmonising legislation in this regard. 
Health 13-11-2006

Kyprianou: ‘Industry can not only be criticised’

Health Commissioner Kyprianou acknowledges and applaudes some industry initiatives in the fight against obesity but says that if self-regulation does not work, legislative action will follow.
Digital 25-07-2005

Consumer organisation: TV without frontiers must respect limits

Consumer advocates from Germany are criticising the Commission's Issues Paper on the TV without Frontiers (TVWF) Directive, which they say would end a ban on secretive product placement in TV productions.

Commission adopts work programme for “Television without Frontiers” review

The Commission has set itself a deadline of end 2003 to decide whether major changes are needed to the Television without Frontiers (TWF) Directive. In its 4th report on the application of the TWF Directive, the Commission proposes extensive stakeholder consultations on the main issues of this debate: public access to major events, promotion of cultural diversity, television advertising and the protection of minors.

TV advertising group wants clarification in advertising and sponsorship matters

The European Group on Television Advertising (EGTA) has stated a political clarification on the legality of new forms of advertising and sponsorship is urgently required.