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Health 12-02-2013

Food, drink industries undermine health policy: Study

Multinational food, drink and alcohol companies are using strategies similar to those employed by the tobacco industry to undermine public health policies, health experts said on Tuesday (12 February).
Health 16-04-2012

Alcohol industry unites in advert abuse clampdown

Leading producers from the beer, wine and spirits sectors are set today (16 April) to launch their first joint initiative in advertising self-regulation designed to combat abuses across the fast-growing social media.

Policymakers mull EU alcohol marketing law

Alcohol consumption among young people increases as a result of advertising campaigns and the EU should promote more responsible marketing, stakeholders agreed this week. But responsibility for dealing with the issue lies with member states and the European Commission has no intention of harmonising legislation in this regard. 
Health 01-12-2010

Parliament seeks to rein in ‘unfair’ online advertising

Intrusive marketing practices brought on by the Internet have attracted the attention of the European Parliament, with lawmakers concerned about guaranteeing citizens' privacy, said Philippe Juvin MEP in an interview with EURACTIV.
Agrifood 30-11-2010

The big debate: Are food ads to blame for child obesity?

While the food industry has taken a series of initiatives to restrict advertising of unhealthy products to children, consumer groups are not convinced and call for the development of stricter criteria. EURACTIV hears arguments from both sides of the debate in parallel interviews.
Agrifood 29-11-2010

Europe to assess advertisers’ pledges on child obesity

The European Union is due to assess the advertising industry's commitment to self-regulation when it comes to marketing unhealthy foods to children, as concerns mount over child obesity.
Health 28-08-2009

Battle brewing over alcohol restrictions

Efforts by Sweden to tackle alcohol abuse in Europe look set to come to the boil during the latter half of its six-month EU presidency. The drinks industry is gearing up for a counter-offensive against an expected push to increase prices and restrict alcohol advertising.
Health 02-04-2009

Health experts call for restrictions on alcohol advertising

A group of leading European health experts have called for a Europe-wide ban on alcohol advertising that appeals to children and adolescents.
Public Affairs 01-07-2008

Interview: EU cannot market itself properly

European institutions in Brussels could learn from advertisers in better promoting the benefits of EU membership to citizens, argues Gary Leih, CEO of Ogilvy UK and President of the European Association of Communication Agencies (EACA) in an interview with EURACTIV.
Health 19-12-2007

Alcohol platform announces first commitments

The alcohol industry, doctors, publishers and NGOs alike have pledged a series of actions to promote responsible drinking, curb under-age alcohol consumption and promote behavioural change among adolescents.
Health 12-12-2007

Food and drink companies in child ad pledge

Eleven major food and beverage companies, including Nestlé and Coca-Cola, have jointly pledged to change the way they advertise to children. The commitment follows Commission calls to restrict advertising of unhealthy foods as childhood obesity is rapidly increasing in the EU.
Transport 25-10-2007

Media slam compulsory CO2 advertising for cars

A Parliament proposal to encourage cuts in CO2 emissions from new vehicles by introducing "tobacco-style" environmental warnings in car advertisements has caused outrage among Europe's media corporations, who say such measures could cause serious harm to their business.
Public Affairs 11-09-2007

Commission hails progress in advertising self-regulation

Consumer Protection Commissioner Meglena Kuneva has praised the progress made by the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) in the field of self-regulation in the advertising industry.
Health 26-04-2007

Obese children influenced by TV adverts, study finds

University of Liverpool psychologists found that TV food adverts increase obese children's appetite and can more than double the amount that they eat.
Health 20-11-2006

‘Traffic lights’ on food packages?

The use of 'traffic lights' to identify products that are high, medium or low in salt, sugar and fat is one of the schemes under discussion for unified EU food labelling. Industry, however, opposes the proposal.
Health 13-11-2006

Kyprianou: ‘Industry can not only be criticised’

Health Commissioner Kyprianou acknowledges and applaudes some industry initiatives in the fight against obesity but says that if self-regulation does not work, legislative action will follow.
Digital 25-07-2005

Consumer organisation: TV without frontiers must respect limits

Consumer advocates from Germany are criticising the Commission's Issues Paper on the TV without Frontiers (TVWF) Directive, which they say would end a ban on secretive product placement in TV productions.
Public Affairs 05-10-2004

Advertisers claim code of conduct is an example of self-regulation

European advertisers have presented EU officials, consumer groups and trade associations with their self-regulatory code of conduct as an example in good regulation.

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