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Digital 23-09-2019

Consumer Research – How EU citizens perceive digital advertising since GDPR

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EDAA published the results of its latest groundbreaking consumer research to explore European consumer attitudes and perceptions towards online advertising and determine how these may have changed post-GDPR. The research results are informing EDAA as it looks to further develop...
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How does WFA tackle online data transparency?
Economy & Jobs 06-03-2019

How does WFA tackle online data transparency?

The World Federation of Advertisers’ (WFA) Manifesto sets out principles guiding the work of WFA on digital governance and digital policy, and how it involves not only brand owners but the entire online advertising ecosystem.
Digital 26-04-2018

Commission threatens to legislate on ‘fake news’ ahead of 2019 EU election

The European Commission has threatened to introduce legislation on so-called fake news by the end of the year as part of its strategy to clamp down on online disinformation before the 2019 EU elections.
Digital 21-03-2018

New EU tax on tech giants’ revenue is not ‘anti-US’, Moscovici insists

After half a year of intense debate and bickering between member states, the European Commission proposed on Wednesday (21 March) a new system for taxing digital companies that will charge large firms 3% of their revenue and will hit US tech giants like Google and Facebook.
Brexit 16-03-2018

‘We don’t want Brexit to be the flat burger’, campaign says

Brexit has been compared to many things, but the idea of being sold a big juicy burger and ending up with a flat, badly made one is a novelty.
Digital 14-11-2017

Lead MEP: member states’ slow pace on ePrivacy is unacceptable

Different political groups need to accept the European Parliament’s agreement on the draft ePrivacy regulation, even though conservative and centre-right MEPs opposed the bill, Birgit Sippel said in an interview with EURACTIV.com.
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Digital 19-09-2017

The EASA is celebrating its 25th anniversary in Brussels on October 19th

For 25 years, the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) has been successfully promoting better advertising through effective self-regulation.
Digital 04-05-2017

Belgian dentists smiling as advertising ban ruled unlawful by EU court

Belgian dentists should not be banned from advertising their services, according to the European Court of Justice, which ruled that a national moratorium contradicts EU law.
Digital 18-05-2016

European Commission wants Netflix to carry at least 20% European content

The European Commission will propose quotas on online video streaming services that require them to offer at least 20% European content.
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Infographic: European Advertising Consumer Research Index 2015
Digital 16-12-2015

INFOGRAPHIC: European Advertising Consumer Research Index 2015

New research shows growing awareness of the OBA Icon, and understanding of this EU Industry initiative to give control over targeted advertising choices. In 10 of the 13 countries surveyed, at least 1 in 4 consumers who are aware of the OBA Icon say they have clicked on it.
Agrifood 04-09-2015

Keeping a cool head amidst bulging waistlines

Childhood obesity is a very serious health concern that needs addressing urgently given the social and economic costs involved. But sensationalism and dogma can be obstacles to progress on the thorny issue of food marketing to kids, writes Stephan Loerke.
Agrifood 26-08-2015

Foodwatch: Companies advertise almost exclusively unhealthy foods

Doctors and consumer organisations are calling for a ban on advertising junk food to children, after a recent study called industry self-regulation a failure. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Health 18-03-2014

European children exposed to less food advertising on TV

According to new research, European children are exposed to less food marketing on TV today than ten years ago.
Digital 05-02-2013

More internet regulation won’t make children safer online: EU official

Child safety online is listed as one of the main priorities in the Digital Agenda for Europe, but censorship on the internet isn't the way forward, a top European Commission official said.

Policymakers mull EU alcohol marketing law

Alcohol consumption among young people increases as a result of advertising campaigns and the EU should promote more responsible marketing, stakeholders agreed this week. But responsibility for dealing with the issue lies with member states and the European Commission has no intention of harmonising legislation in this regard. 
Health 10-11-2010

MEPs want EU to tackle abusive online advertising

EU citizens must be protected from abusive advertising practices that have emerged on online social networks, forums and blogs, members of the European Parliament said.

Advertising and Consumer Rights

Traditionally, EU laws on advertising applied to print and broadcast media, but as adverts increasingly migrate to an unregulated online world, lawmakers and consumer groups are exploring ways to ensure that digital marketing does not infringe consumer rights.
Health 04-11-2009

Pharma industry softens stance on ‘advertising’ plan

Europe's pharmaceutical companies will allow an independent authority to vet information provided to patients under a controversial proposal that would allow industry to communicate directly to consumers.
Languages & Culture 11-09-2009

EU newspapers record worst-ever drop in ad revenue

Advertising revenue is in free-fall at European newspapers, which have seen a sharp decrease in their advertising income in the last two months: the worst in the industry's history. Against this backdrop, publishers are asking the EU to abstain from changing copyright rules as suggested by the European Commission this week.
Public Affairs 10-06-2009

EU online advertising keeps growing, despite crisis

Despite the crisis, the European online advertising market grew by 20% in 2008 compared to the previous year, contrary to the situation faced by other media, whose ad-related revenue is dropping, according to figures released today (10 June) by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe (IAB).
Health 02-04-2009

Health experts call for restrictions on alcohol advertising

A group of leading European health experts have called for a Europe-wide ban on alcohol advertising that appeals to children and adolescents.
Public Affairs 07-10-2008

New campaign highlights ‘value of advertising’

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) launched a global campaign yesterday (6 October) to "champion the value of advertising to political audiences".
Public Affairs 08-09-2008

UK ruling may set green advertising standard

The UK's advertising watchdog decided this summer that oil company Shell misled the British public in a recent advertisement highlighting its environmental credentials, in a ruling that could draw a line in the sand regarding the acceptability of green marketing campaigns.
Public Affairs 01-07-2008

Advertising boss: EU cannot market itself properly

European institutions in Brussels could learn from advertisers in better promoting the benefits of EU membership to citizens, argues Gary Leih, CEO of Ogilvy UK and President of the European Association of Communication Agencies (EACA) in an interview with EURACTIV.