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EU-Africa 18-02-2022

EU sets out plan to support Africa for the next pandemic

The EU has made a coordinated push to help support African states to prepare their health systems for the next pandemic, but without appearing to give any ground on the main short–term demand of African leaders to allow them to produce COVID vaccines.
Road safety 16-02-2022

How can European and African leaders address the continent’s road safety crisis?

Those living in Africa are more than five times as likely to be involved in a fatal car accident as those living in Europe. European and African leaders must commit to advancing safe mobility across the continent, writes Jean Todt, the UN secretary-general’s special envoy for road safety.
EU-Africa 11-02-2022

EU-AU summit: Seeking a partnership with a purpose

Two years after the EU set out its blueprint for a ‘strategic partnership’ with Africa, the EU-African Union summit designed to seal the deal takes place in Brussels next Thursday (17 February). A series of glossy initiatives and promises will be unveiled but much still hangs in the air.
EU-Africa 10-02-2022

Africa is speaking with one voice, is the EU listening?

Europe thinks it is doing enough to secure a new ‘strategic partnership’ with Africa but its current approach to the pandemic could derail talks next week, write Emily Wigens, Friederike Röder and Eloise Todd.
Development Policy 07-02-2022

Talks collapse on classifying vaccine donations as development aid

Talks between wealthy nations on how to report donated COVID vaccines have collapsed after they failed to agree on a common rules regime.
EU-Africa 31-01-2022

Borrell – EU will be ‘trading partner not donor’ in new deal with Kenya

The EU will no longer be a ‘donor but a trading partner’ with Kenya, said the bloc’s top diplomat as he set out plans for a ‘strategic dialogue’ between Brussels and the East African state.
EU-Africa 28-01-2022

EU needs to make African offer on legal migration, says Greek PM

The EU needs to look at offering African states a new regime of organised legal migration routes, alongside cooperation between both sides on security and border control management, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Thursday (27 January).
EU-Africa 26-01-2022

EU and African leaders seek to rebuild fragile trust ahead of summit

Migration, climate change mitigation and the fallout from the Covid pandemic are set to be the main bones of contention at the upcoming EU–African Union summit in Brussels, insiders to the talks have told EURACTIV.
EU-Africa 04-01-2022

2022: COVID and vaccine access cast a shadow over EU-Africa partnership plan

Nearly two years after the European Commission set out plans for a ‘strategic partnership’ with Africa, and repeated delays, the long-awaited EU–African Union summit is almost upon us.
EU-Africa 14-12-2021

Ghana’s role is at the heart of the Africa and Europe partnership

Ghana must play a key role in building the new partnership between Africa and Europe, writes Sena Siaw-Boateng.
Coronavirus 27-10-2021

EU hopes to head off criticism after BioNTech announces first African COVID vaccine site

The EU is hoping to head off criticism of its distribution of COVID vaccines from African states, after German pharma giant BioNTech announced on Tuesday (26 October) that it would establish its first African site producing COVID vaccines early next year, with EU support.
EU-Africa 06-10-2021

The winding road to renewed Europe-Africa partnership in post-COVID world

Once the dust of the COVID-19 crisis settles, it will be time to build a new foundation for Europe-Africa relations. As the EU searches for allies in a post-COVID world, a group of seven European think tank leaders looks at how to build a stronger Europe-Africa axis in the multilateral system.
EU-Africa 16-09-2021

Von der Leyen offers African energy investment and more vaccine promises

Investment in green energy and new promises on vaccine supply were the only offers to Africa made by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen this week, as the EU’s plans to boost relations with its southern neighbour continent continue to sit on the back burner.
EU-Africa 02-06-2021

Africa must answer its own ‘Kissinger question’, say EU diplomats

Africa’s version of the 'Kissinger question', which originally referred to who should be the United States’ first contact in Europe, is one of the issues that remain open as the EU and African leaders seek to develop a so called ‘strategic partnership’.

The EU carbon tax could create a new era of trade wars

Europe's carbon border levy to increase the cost of carbon-intensive goods entering the EU could push the Global South towards less restrictive trade deals, ultimately causing more harm to the environment, writes Muhammed Magassy.
EU-Africa 12-05-2021

EU–Africa relations: a partnership delayed but not derailed

Talk of an EU–Africa partnership may have only emerged in the last two years, but the promise of better trade and political relations with its southern ‘sister continent’ came from Jean Claude Juncker, who set out plans for a continent–to–continent...
Technology 13-04-2021

Why the EU should pay attention to Africa’s tech sector

As the EU defines its priorities for an EU-Africa partnership, Africa's burgeoning tech sector is an obvious starting point for collaboration, argues Dan Dalton.
Cities & regions 29-01-2021

EU and Africa must ‘co–operate as equals’, MEPs say

Europe should move away from a donor-recipient relationship with Africa and cooperate as equals instead, EU lawmakers have said in a new report adopted on Thursday (28 January).
EU-Africa 22-01-2021

African trade pact offers chance to kickstart UK trade ties

The new African Continental Free Trade Area is a chance to kickstart trade between the UK and Africa, delegates told a UK-Africa investment summit this week.
Agrifood 21-12-2020

EU-Africa partnership needed for transformation of food systems, says experts

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the need for EU-African collaboration is more important than ever in the drive to strengthen and transform food systems, but care must be taken to make it an equitable partnership, experts have stressed.