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Health 23-05-2016

Creating a better future for health in Europe – Join the 19th EHFG!

There is more to demographic change than “only” ageing. At the #EHFG2016 we will discuss the full spectrum of what dynamics create a stir in Europe’s populations – and Europe’s healthcare systems.
Development Policy 06-11-2015

Migration will be win-win for world, finds World Bank report

There is a clear win-win situation for the world, in both the medium and longer term, for more migration to happen, Philip Schellekens told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview on the day the World Bank published its Global Monitoring Report 2015-16.
Development Policy 08-10-2015

World Bank: Migration can boost global prosperity

The large-scale migration of people from poor countries to richer ones will “reshape economic development for decades” but could help end extreme poverty and increase global prosperity if the flow is properly harnessed and regulated, according to the World Bank.

EU urged to get pensioners back in the workforce

Elderly people need to me more actively included in the EU labour market to tackle Europe’s demographic problems, stakeholders said during a conference in Brussels.

Ministers back innovation alliance on ‘healthy ageing’

As the EU prepares to launch a pilot innovation partnership on "active and healthy ageing," patient groups are stressing that the initiative should not only focus on medical innovation, but also address age-friendly environments and access to health care.

Demographics putting pressure on education, study finds

With a large number of teachers approaching retirement, European schools might suffer teacher shortages in the near future, according to a study presented on Thursday (16 July) by the Eurydice network on behalf of the European Commission. The report found declining student numbers, longer compulsory schooling, and a significant rise in higher education participation among the most pertinent trends.

Report: Number of elderly workers on the rise

A European Commission report on demography, to be presented in Brussels today (November 24), indicates that while the number of over-60s working in Europe is still short of the target set by the Lisbon Growth and Jobs Agenda, there has been a considerable increase during the first decade of the new millennium.

Pension crisis looms as over-65s to double by 2060

From 2015 onwards, deaths would outnumber births in the EU so that, by 2060, one in three Europeans will be aged over 65, putting a huge burden on the economy and public finances, the Commission warned yesterday (26 August).

Almunia warns of looming demographic crunch in Europe

European society is at risk of losing its dynamism if it does not develop a coherent approach to an ageing population and decreasing workforce, Economic Affairs Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said in Brussels.
Health 28-11-2007

Malnutrition catches Commission’s attention

With the fight against obesity currently at the centre of politicial attention, the Commission has started to acknowledge that another form of inadequate nutrition - malnutrition - also deserves consideration, particularly in the context of ageing societies.

Court backs limits to senior workers’ employment

The European Court of Justice has re-affirmed member states' right to put legal limits on the length of employees' periods of occupation, in spite of EU legislation countering discrimination on age grounds. 

Study: Integrating older workers is key to growth

Industrialised nations will soon be facing major problems in terms of skills and labour shortage if they do not reform their policies for retaining and re-integrating mature workers into the production process, according to a US new study. 

EU pins hopes on ICT to ease ageing challenge

The EU's upcoming 'Ambient Assisted Living' research programme, due to start next year, is expected to improve quality of life for older people by bringing about more efficient and personalised health care and creating new business opportunities for European industry.
Enlargement 22-06-2007

World Bank warns Eastern European countries on ageing problem

With populations growing older, pension and health-care reforms are urgently needed to keep eastern European and former Soviet Union countries from running into long-term fiscal problems.

Workers unenthusiastic about ‘Active Ageing’

Legislation aimed at delaying retirement is seen as having little impact, as employees push for an early exit from the labour market while companies continue to lay off older staff.

Europe urged to adapt workforce to ageing

Migration will not provide a long-term solution to Europe's ageing crisis. Instead, policymakers must focus on getting people to have more babies while working 'longer and better', business leaders declared at the European Business Summit.
Health 24-11-2006

‘Malnutrition costs more than obesity’

With current policy focus on obesity and decreasing our daily intake of fat, sugar and salt - malnutrition is often forgotten or under-recognised. However, experts say malnourished elderly citizens cost the EU more than obesity.
Health 18-10-2006

Analysis: Cross-Atlantic exchange to advance long-term care

This CEPS paper looks at recent developments in the EU and US regarding the provision of high-quality, affordable long-term care (LTC) for older people.

France launches plan to get older people back into work

In an attempt to increase employment rates among older people, French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin wants to introduce new schemes for older workers.
Health 19-05-2006

Health expenditure & economy

In an ageing Europe, a healthy society and active workforce will be key determinants of sustainable productivity and economic growth and thus key conditions for the EU's Lisbon Agenda to deliver. Human capital has for long been recognised as a contributor to economic wealth, but it is forgotten that people can only accumulate and provide human capital if they are healthy, both physically and mentally. Far too often politics consider health as a cost and not as long-term investment in human capital.
Health 06-04-2006

World Health Day 2006 focuses on crisis in health workforce

The shortage of health workforce, especially nurses, is set to be a major challenge for the EU member states' health care systems. The new member states could be the most hit by health professionals leaving to work abroad.
Health 15-02-2006

Analysis: Projecting OECD health and long-term care expenditures – What are the main drivers?

Public spending on health and long-term care in OECD countries will double by 2050, according to projections are from a new OECD report entitled Projecting OECD health and long-term care expenditures: What are the main drivers? 

Report confirms huge challenge to pension systems

The demographic challenge is growing but the EU has come a good deal closer to winning the race for balanced pension schemes as the population grows older, says an EU report.

Lisbon, we’ve got a problem!

What European workers want when it comes to balancing life and work is the exact opposite of what the Lisbon strategy foresees, a recent study conducted by French scientists finds.