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Health 22-06-2022

Commissioner: Whole life-cycle approach needed to turn challenges of ageing into opportunities

Intergenerational solidarity and fairness need to be the cornerstones and guiding lights for us as a society but in particular for decision-makers, says Commission vice-president Dubravka Šuica to EURACTIV.
Health 19-10-2020

Preventing osteoporosis in the EU

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Osteoporosis is a chronic condition in which bones become weak and brittle, leading to fractures and breaks which often carry life-debilitating consequences. As well as causing considerable mental and psychological distress, they also severely impair people’s abilities to participate in...
Economy & Jobs 09-01-2018

In 2018, expect the euro area economy to put on the brakes – but not for the reason you may think

The euro area economy has at last started to begin recovering convincingly from the past decade’s two recessions. But two big factors will moderate growth in 2018, writes Ilaria Maselli, citing the ageing workforce in Germany as being of particular concern.
Freedom of thought 06-11-2017

As populations age, time to talk about fertility

EU countries should take concrete actions to ensure that fertility treatments are reimbursed and made available irrespective of the income or place of residence of patients, writes Norica Nicolai.
Economy & Jobs 29-06-2017

Dombrovskis: ‘There is appetite for a pan-European pensions product’

The European Commission will propose a new pan-European personal pension today (29 June). In an interview with journalists, Commission Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis argues that the new scheme would help save more money in an ageing society.
Health 20-06-2016

EU health ministers confront crisis in affordability of medicines

EU health ministers took reluctant steps last Friday (17 June) to address the rising price of medicines.
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Demographic change & increased diversity – an opportunity for European health systems?
Health 20-06-2016
Agrifood 11-03-2016

Wages and land ownership block young Slovaks’ return to farming

A number of factors ranging from low salaries to difficulties in acquiring land have prevented young Slovaks from access to rural areas. EURACTIV Slovakia reports.
Europe's East 29-05-2015

Getting older in Poland: European healthcare challenges

Poles are getting older. By 2050, 33% of Poland’s population will be over 65 years old, and 10% over 80. It reflects a broader trend in the whole Europe: people are living longer. EURACTIV Poland reports.

Reframing the longevity and ageing

The problem of an ever ageing population is not unsolvable, especially if retirement is not an obligation. What may prove tricky is what measures to take to keep older people active, ambitions and hungry for achievement, writes Žiga Turk.
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Jobs take their toll: understanding the impact of ageing, gender and occupational hazards on workers

Employers and most European governments tell us we will all have to work for longer. But how can workers in backbreaking jobs do that? As it is, many never manage to work out a full career due to physical or mental burnout.

EU urged to get pensioners back in the workforce

Elderly people need to me more actively included in the EU labour market to tackle Europe’s demographic problems, stakeholders said during a conference in Brussels.

French population to match Germany’s by 2055

The population of France is forecast to match that of Germany – currently the largest in Western Europe – by 2055, reports Carine Fourteau of Mediapart.
Health 31-05-2011

Can GPs save health care?

Gary Finnegan analyses a pessimistic report by the Economist Intelligence Unit on the future of health care in Europe.

Ministers back innovation alliance on ‘healthy ageing’

As the EU prepares to launch a pilot innovation partnership on "active and healthy ageing," patient groups are stressing that the initiative should not only focus on medical innovation, but also address age-friendly environments and access to health care.
Regional Policy 30-06-2010

EU pushes for all-year-round tourist season

To help the European tourist sector recover from a two-year crisis, the European Commission is preparing a number of actions to prolong the tourist season, according to plans due to be presented today (30 June).

Spidla presents strategy to solve “demographic crisis”

More babies, longer working lives, increased labour productivity, well-managed immigration and "sustainable" public finances are the five remedies for Europe's demographic crisis, according to a new Commission communication.

Commission to tackle demographic challenge

Social Affairs Commissioner Vladimir Spidla is set to present a strategy to deal with the double challenge of an ageing population and declining birth rates in Europe.

Report: no need for a harmonised EU family policy

Faced with the demographic challenges of declining birth rates and ageing populations, a new research report concludes that a European "one size fits all" approach to family policy will not work.
Health 15-02-2006

Analysis: Projecting OECD health and long-term care expenditures – What are the main drivers?

Public spending on health and long-term care in OECD countries will double by 2050, according to projections are from a new OECD report entitled Projecting OECD health and long-term care expenditures: What are the main drivers? 

Report confirms huge challenge to pension systems

The demographic challenge is growing but the EU has come a good deal closer to winning the race for balanced pension schemes as the population grows older, says an EU report.

UK think tank: “there is no pension crisis”

Europe's society can afford to grow old, according to a UK think tank study which challenges some of the main assumptions behind the pensions time bomb alarms.
EU Priorities 2020 11-04-2005

New member states to lead EU’s population decline by 2050

Eurostat’s population projections reveal a population increase in the EU-25 by 2025 and a decline after that. Overall, the EU’s population is set to decline, fuelled by the new member states.
Health 04-04-2005

Trusting Brands in Society – The Quality and Value of Modern Medicine

One of the arguments this report formulates is that there is a "real and urgent need to rebuild trust between people and the medicines they use" at a time when medicines are "highly safe" and "hugely beneficial" to personal and public healthcare.