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Agrifood 22-10-2020

Headwinds in the Bundestag for Klöckner’s CAP compromise

The EU agriculture ministers' agreement to reform the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is being met with a lot of headwind in the Bundestag. Opposition parties are critical of the proposal while the Social Democrats (SPD), a partner in the governing coalition, are not enthusiastic. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Agrifood 05-07-2016

CAP: The challenges ahead

Keep up to date on the latest developments of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) with our rolling coverage. You can also follow on twitter: @eaAgriFood / #CAPChallengesAhead.
Agrifood 06-11-2015

The new CAP: Stories from the ground

Keep up to date on the latest developments of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) with our rolling coverage.
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Agrifood 13-03-2013

Reform of the CAP: Extracts from the statements by EU’s Dacian Ciolo?

The European Parliament votes today (13 March) on a future agricultural policy that, if approved as proposed, would step back from a generation of liberalisation moves and ease the European Commission’s plan to set new environmental standards for farming. 
Agrifood 06-10-2011

OECD urges EU to reform farm support

High commodity prices have made European farmers much less dependent on farm subsidies, offering debt-laden countries a unique opportunity to reform the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), a new report published yesterday (5 October) by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has concluded.
Regional Policy 08-09-2010

Commissioners urge Barroso to streamline EU funds

In a letter seen by EURACTIV, four EU commissioners call on their president, José Manuel Barroso, to bring key EU funds under the same umbrella from 2014, in order to cut out overlap and ensure better strategic spending.
Agrifood 13-04-2010

Ciolo? kicks off debate on future EU farm policy

In his first exchange of views with the European Parliament on the reform of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Ciolo? highlighted farmers' potential to deliver the bloc's new economic strategy for 2020.
EU Priorities 2020 18-01-2010

Ciolo? stops short talks on EU farm budget cuts

Dacian Ciolo?, the EU's commissioner-designate for agriculture, pledged equal distribution of EU farm aid across the EU 27 and fair income for farmers during a three-hour confirmation hearing in the European Parliament on Friday (15 January). His vision for a strong post-2013 EU farm policy convinced members of the House and reassured farmers alike. 
Agrifood 02-12-2009

Landowners call for broader EU farm policy

The EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) should be reformed to deliver not only on food but on climate change mitigation, biodiversity protection and energy production too, argues a new report by the RISE foundation, a rural conservation group supported by the European Landowners' Organisation (ELO).
Agrifood 23-11-2009

Fischer Boel: Future farm policy ‘should bolster production’

The European Union should resist the temptation to cut support for its common agricultural policy and instead give farmers the right tools to increase food production in Europe, EU Farm Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel told EURACTIV in an interview.
Agrifood 22-09-2009

Angry dairy farmers dump milk at EU headquarters

European dairy farmers set hay on fire and spilled milk in front of the European Commission headquarters in Brussels on Monday (21 September) and warned their protest over low milk prices would intensify.
Agrifood 14-07-2009

EU farm subsidies ‘inconsistent’ with global food security

NGOs have described EU agricultural export subsidies as inconsistent with a recent €14 billion commitment by the Group of Eight (G8) countries to assisting farmers in developing countries, aimed at combating world hunger and promoting agricultural development.
Agrifood 03-07-2009

Commission ponders ‘burden-sharing’ for farm aid

Support to European farmers will not decrease under the revised Common Agricultural policy (CAP) after 2013, said a top official at the Commission's agriculture department, but a redistribution of the "burden-sharing" of aid between the EU and individual member states could be envisaged, he said.
Agrifood 31-03-2009

French farmers divided over CAP redistribution

Grain farmers and cattle breeders are staging protests today (31 March) against a French plan to redistribute monies from the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). EURACTIV France reports.
Agrifood 04-02-2009

Agriculture: In brief

EURACTIV presents an overview of the main developments regarding the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP): its current priorities, major milestones, key players, hot topics and future priorities.
Agrifood 08-10-2008

MEPs back moderate changes to farm policy

Pointing to the ongoing commodity price crisis and the huge diversity of situations faced by European farmers, Parliament's agiculture committee yesterday (7 October) called on the Commission to scale down its proposed reform of agricultural policy.
Agrifood 02-10-2008

Farmers outline vision for EU agricultural policy

Emerging issues such as food security and growing consumer calls for quality food should form part of the EU's long-term policy goals, according to a visionary document adopted by European farmers' organisation Copa. 
Agrifood 23-09-2008

Interview: Farmers affected by financial crisis

Ahead of a meeting of EU agriculture ministers to discuss the future of the bloc's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), EPP-ED group chairman Joseph Daul outlined the stakes and fresh challenges facing the EU in an interview with EURACTIV France.
EU Priorities 2020 04-07-2008

Barnier: EU has made enough concessions on agriculture

The EU has gone to "the extreme limit" of the concessions it can make to reach a deal at the World Trade Organization (WTO), argues French Agriculture Minister Michel Barnier in an interview with EURACTIV France.
Agrifood 04-07-2008

Czech Minister: ‘More liberal, open and flexible’ CAP required

A thorough reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is necessary to allow the EU to respond more effectively to rising food prices and internal pressures, according to Ivo Hlavac, the Czech state secretary in charge of agriculture, who spoke to EURACTIV France in an interview.
Agrifood 04-07-2008

Interview: ‘More liberal, open and flexible’ CAP required

A thorough reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is necessary to allow the EU to respond more effectively to rising food prices and internal pressures, according to Ivo Hlavac, the Czech state secretary in charge of agriculture, who spoke to EURACTIV France in an interview.
Energy 16-06-2008

G8: Oil, food prices endanger global economy

Finance ministers from the G8 countries met on 13 and 14 June to discuss the current state of the global economy. The group expressed "strong concerns" about soaring crude oil and agricultural commodity prices, issues that are also high on the EU's current political agenda. 
Agrifood 21-05-2008

Mixed reactions to proposed EU farm sector reform

Fewer production-linked payments, more monies for rural development and a scrapping of a requirement to keep a certain percentage of land out of production are part of the Commission's plans to make the EU's agricultural regime more responsive to market forces.
EU Priorities 2020 23-04-2008

Rethinking the EU budget

The EU budget is outdated, does not represent current Community needs and should be reformed at its core by addressing the decision-making procedures, argues CEPS Director Daniel Gros.