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Digital & Media 03-12-2021

Ethical considerations at all stages of AI’s use in journalism

AI technologies are increasingly being incorporated into newsrooms, but with trust in media already in a precarious position, concerns remain that introducing machine learning could worsen the situation. 
Digital & Media 01-12-2021

EU Council presidency pitches significant changes to AI Act proposal

The Slovenian Presidency circulated a compromise text on the EU's draft AI Act, including major changes in the areas of social scoring, biometric recognition systems, and high-risk applications, while also identifying future points for discussion.
Data protection 26-11-2021

New German government to ban facial recognition and mass surveillance

The German ‘traffic light‘ coalition plans on banning biometric facial recognition and restricting the usage of mass surveillance tools, which marks a departure from the stance of the former government.
Digital & Media 15-11-2021

EU Parliament, countries want more innovation, less burden in AI Act

The recent parliamentary report on AI calls for the AI Act not to overburden companies and be more innovation-friendly. Member states have similar concerns, with Estonia being particularly outspoken on the issue.
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Digital & Media 12-10-2021

Artificial Intelligence: How The EU AI Act Can Enable Responsible Innovation In AI And Machine Learning

The proposed AI Act is the first of its kind globally. With the right balance, it can set a robust framework for innovation in trustworthy and rights-protective AI applications.
Digital & Media 07-09-2021

Open source software boosted the EU economy by ‘between €65 to €95 bn’ – report

Open source software boosted the European Union’s GDP by between €65 to €95 bn in 2018, a new report published by the European Commission on Monday (6 September) has shown, but warned that the EU should do more to actively promote open technologies.