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Development Policy 09-05-2017

UK foreign aid diluted by ‘pursuing national interest’, says think tank

Poverty reduction in the world’s poorest countries risks being diluted by the UK government’s increasing tendency to devote a bigger slice of Britain’s aid budget to pursuing the national interest, the Institute for Fiscal Studies has warned.
Development Policy 21-04-2017

UK’s May promises to keep 0.7% aid spend target if she wins election

British Prime Minister Theresa May promised Friday (21 April) to keep the UK’s aid spending at 0.7% of GDP if – as appears likely – her ruling Conservative party win the upcoming snap election.
Development Policy 19-11-2015

Social entrepreneur: Why NGOs should learn from McDonald’s

The global burger franchise McDonald's might not be an obvious role model for charities and NGOs working in aid and development - but one social entrepreneur argues they should be.
Development Policy 12-02-2015

Aid billions yet to make a difference in fragile states, UK watchdog says

The UK is spending billions of pounds on aid to fragile states but the programme has been ramped up too quickly, without proper scrutiny, and is not yet making a real difference, a government watchdog has warned.
School shildren
Development Policy 06-01-2015

New health extremes in developing countries: Obesity and malnutrition

Middle-income developing countries confront two extremes within the public health sector. While a large percentage of the population is underweight and malnourished, a growing number of people are adopting an unhealthy, western-influenced lifestyle, dispensing with physical activity and consuming fast food.
Development Policy 12-12-2014

Africa’s elite exploit Chinese development aid, study reveals

A recent study shows China’s development aid for Africa flows primarily to the birth regions of leading African politicians, while geopolitical interests only play a secondary role for Beijing. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Development Policy 17-01-2014

EU donors ‘profiting from aid budgets’ with high-interest loans

European donors have been accused of profiting from their aid budgets, as an increasing amount of their money for the world's poorest countries is being given as loans – which have to be paid back with interest.
Languages & Culture 08-06-2012

‘Francophonie’ stresses supporting role in EU aid policy

As the European Union embarks on a major revamp of its aid policies to the developing world, the Francophonie organisation believes its close ties with French-speaking African nations can help the Union with "political mobilisation" on development issues.

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