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    LinksDossier | Health 14-11-2007

    HIV/AIDS is still prevalent, not only in developing countries but also in Europe. The number of reported HIV cases in EU member states has doubled since 1998 and half of the new cases affect people aged 15-25. A number of EU initiatives aim to increase understanding and awareness of HIV/AIDS issues and bring relief to the third world.

  • Interview: HIV/AIDS ‘growing rapidly’ in EU border countries

    News | Health 09-07-2007

    The EU should be more concerned about the fast-growing HIV/AIDS epidemic in eastern Europe, says the executive director of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, who also warns about 'its very dangerous combination' with drug-resistant tuberculosis in those countries.

  • ‘EU has no real HIV/AIDS strategy for neighbouring countries’

    Interview | Health 09-07-2007

    Europe's strategy to combat HIV/AIDS in its neighbouring countries is mere words on paper and EU investment being put behind the response to HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in these countries is far from being enough, argues the executive director of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.

  • EU to emphasise need for solidarity in access to AIDS drugs

    News | Health 01-06-2007

    The EU-27 health ministers have signalled their intention to negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry on access to anti-retroviral treatments at accessible prices, highlighting the need for solidarity with poorer nations.

  • Ministers invite media and business to join HIV/AIDS fight

    News | Health 15-03-2007

    Health ministers from Europe and neighbouring countries have invited the private sector, in particular the media, employers and pharmaceutical industry, to contribute to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

  • Ministers discuss EU’s HIV/AIDS prevention strategy

    News | Health 13-03-2007

    "As we are currently unable to heal AIDS, we have to focus our efforts on preventing infection," argued German Health Minister Ulla Schmidt at a ministerial conference on HIV/AIDS.