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Aviation 26-06-2020

Dutch government unveils KLM rescue plan

The Netherlands' national airline, KLM, is set for a €3.4 billion bailout package should it meet certain employment, financial and sustainability targets, the Dutch government announced on Friday (26 June). It still requires regulatory approval from Brussels.
Aerospace 25-05-2020

Death of an aviation giant, as A380 feels virus bite

Coronavirus has hastened the demise of the Airbus A380 - the world’s largest airliner - as the aviation industry scrambles to adapt to lower demand for air travel, which has essentially made the double-decker super-jumbo a plane out of time.
Aviation 07-05-2020

KLM’s coronavirus bailout still waits for takeoff

The Dutch government’s proposed €2-4 billion aid package for national airline KLM was debated in parliament on Wednesday (6 May), but lawmakers are still divided over what strings - if any - to attach to the bailout.
Railways 04-05-2020

French railways on track to seek virus bailout

France’s state-owned rail company has suffered losses of €2 billion because of the coronavirus outbreak and may need government aid in order to stave off job cuts. An already-agreed bailout for the aviation industry could end up boosting demand.
Aviation 27-04-2020

Air France-KLM gets virus bailout, green conditions still pending

Air France-KLM will get a state-backed bailout of around €10 billion in loans and guarantees. But the lack of strict conditions in the aid packages announced by the French and Dutch governments on Friday (24 April) has already stoked criticism.
Aviation 01-04-2020

France wins EU approval for airline virus aid

The European Commission will allow France to defer some aeronautical taxes up to two years in order to help embattled airlines, after Brussels decided on Tuesday (31 March) that the plan is in line with its new looser state aid rules.
Aviation 28-02-2020

Air France to jettison 1,500 jobs by 2022: sources

Air France is to cut 1,500 jobs, mostly ground staff, by late 2022, union sources told AFP  on Thursday (27 February), although the company insisted talks with labour representatives have not yet concluded.
Development Policy 18-10-2016

French auditors launch assault on ‘Solidarity Tax’ for world aid

France's Solidarity Tax on air travel is a major source of funding for health programmes in the world's poorest countries. But Paris auditors have said it unfairly penalises Air France. EURACTIV France reports.
Transport 07-06-2016

Commission wants aviation deals with growing markets by 2019

European Commission will start negotiating comprehensive aviation agreements with United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey, and countries from the Southeast Asia region, after member states gave the green light on Tuesday (6 June).
Transport 06-01-2016

New European carriers association split over unfair subsidies

The largest European airlines will join forces on 20 January to address growing costs. But differences over how to face foreign rivals will impede a unified challenge to competition abroad.
Transport 05-05-2015

Europe toughens up pilot training rules to prevent accidents

European aviation safety regulators introduced new training requirements on Monday (4 May) to help prevent accidents by pilots losing control of planes in-flight, such as during a stall or in bad weather.
Transport 01-09-2010

EU eyes single ticket for multi-transport journey

Travellers could plan their trips in a one-stop shop, buying just one ticket for a journey with multiple means of transport instead of going through different long and complex ticketing procedures, if plans from the European Commission go ahead. 
Languages & Culture 24-07-2009

Ombudsman urges air passenger language provision

EU Ombudsman P. Nikiforos Diamandouros yesterday (23 July) called on the European Commission to do more to help national supervisory bodies to reduce language barriers for European air passengers experiencing problems.
Competition 12-02-2004

Go-ahead for Air France-KLM merger confirms consolidation of airline sector

The Commission has authorised the Air France to take over Dutch airline company KLM. The merger creates the world's number one airline group by revenue.
Competition 01-10-2003

Air France-KLM merger confirms consolidation of European airline sector

The merger between Air France and KLM announced on 30 September is symptomatic of the increased pressures on the European fragmented airline market.