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A combine harvester at work

Air pollution rules for ‘non-road mobile machinery’

Noxious emissions from everyday cars and trucks have long been regulated at European level. But the European Commission believes pollution from so-called non-road mobile machinery – which includes everything from bulldozers to chainsaws – is a problem and is proposing new emission limits on them.
Climate change 15-06-2011

Behind closed doors: Air quality in buildings

Restrictions on tobacco smoke and the Asbestos scandal have put indoor air quality under the spotlight in the recent past, resulting in tough policies to stop damage to human health. While tobacco continues to be the biggest health culprit, nowadays attention is also turning to "chemical cocktails," toxic fumes from heating and cooking, and damp and mould caused by poor ventilation.
Climate change 26-06-2007

EU clean air strategy

The strategy aims to extend clean air laws into new sectors - agriculture and transport - that were not covered before, targeting five main pollutants including fine-dust particles which are most harmful to human health. It is expected to cost the EU some €7.1 billion every year but the anticipated benefits in terms of reduced sickness and mortality will be fivefold, the Commission claims.
Climate change 07-07-2004

Environment and health strategy (SCALE)

Concerned about the increasing effects of environmental pollution on people's health, the Commission adopted a European strategy for Environment and Health in June 2003. One year on, it presented an Action Plan which focuses on the most vulnerable groups, particularly children. Environmental NGOs and the European green party heavily criticised it for being too weak on legislative proposals and focusing only on research.