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Global Europe 28-12-2021

Deepening Somalia crisis sparks international alarm

Western countries expressed alarm over an intensifying row between the country's president and prime minister as heavily armed factions patrolled parts of the capital Mogadishu, raising fears that the political crisis could erupt into violence.
Development Policy 09-02-2016

African Union’s Somalia mission hit by EU funding cut

The African Union (AU) has criticised the EU's decision to cut funding for its peace-keeping mission in Somalia by 20% at a time when it is entrenched in a deadly battle with terrorist militants. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Development Policy 11-12-2013

Al-Shabaab in Somalia exploited aid agencies during 2011 famine: report

Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia established a highly sophisticated system to monitor and squeeze money out of aid agencies before and during the 2011 famine that killed almost 260,000 people, according to a new report.
Development Policy 03-07-2013

Horn of Africa seeks to project a better image of itself

By fostering regional development projects, IGAD, the organisation of the eight countries in the Horn of Africa, is seeking to project a more positive image of a region known mainly for its natural disasters and conflicts. But the European Commission says a key country for the region, Somalia, still lacks political stability.