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Enlargement 11-05-2021

Albania has voted – will it be a new momentum for its EU path?

Pressed by major challenges such as endemic corruption, brain drain and economic hurdles, Albania needs a strong and stable political establishment that will push for an ambitious reform agenda. The latest elections provide hope, but much work lies ahead, write Tobias Rüttershoff and Teona Lavrelashvili.
Enlargement 05-04-2017

Albanian opposition threatens to boycott elections

Albania's opposition warned yesterday (4 April) it might boycott June legislative elections if their demands for fair elections and for Prime Minister Edi Rama to resign are not met.
Enlargement 23-02-2017

Albanian opposition to boycott parliament, defying EU appeal

Albania's opposition leader announced a boycott of parliament yesterday (22 February), defying an appeal from the European Union not to disrupt parliamentary approval of judiciary reforms vital to starting EU accession talks.
Elections 26-06-2013

Albanian socialists win elections, defeated PM silent

Albania's Socialist opposition claimed a landslide election victory yesterday (25 June) and supporters poured into the streets, but two days after the volatile NATO country voted, its defeated prime minister remained silent.
Elections 24-06-2013

Albania election marred by fatal shootout

Albania's ruling party and opposition claimed victory yesterday (23 June) in a parliamentary election, watched closely by Western allies worried about the state of democracy in the NATO country aspiring for EU candidate status.
Enlargement 21-06-2013

Albania under scrutiny as voters head to polls

Albania's prime minister for the past eight years, Sali Berisha faces the fight of his political life on Sunday (23 June) when the NATO member state holds an election watched closely by the West less for the result than the conduct.