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  • Enhanced cooperation needed between Visegrad Group & Western Balkans

    Central Europe 12-04-2016

    The refugee crisis and the fight against terrorism have made the EU and Western Balkans realise first-hand how interdependent we have become. Now is the time for enhanced engagement with the Western Balkans write Ditmir Bushati  and Lubomír Zaorálek.

  • Acknowledging Albania’s Iranian refugee policy

    Enlargement 08-03-2016

    Albania deserves greater recognition for its commitment to democracy and human rights, as demonstrated by its willingness to accept political refugees from Iran, argues Alejo Vidal-Quadras.

  • European pipeline politics need US support

    Energy 07-09-2015

    The EU’s external energy security is in Washington’s longterm interest, especially at the time of renewed rivalry between the West and Moscow, writes Jaros?aw Wi?niewski .

  • Does the EU want to bring Russia and Turkey into the Western Balkans?

    Global Europe 12-12-2014

    As there are no signs that the EU economy will revitalize soon and lift with it the Western Balkans, the region is looking for new business partners, writes Dušan Relji?.

  • Albania-EU: Keeping the promise alive

    Enlargement 16-06-2014

    As the June 2014 EU Summit approaches, Nikola Dimitrov from the Hague Institute for Global Justice argues that it is high time to move forward on Albania’s candidate status for membership, for the sake of the Western Balkans, and for the sake of the EU as a whole.

  • EU must move swiftly to prevent resurgent nationalism in Albania

    Security 23-07-2013

    To prevent a change of power resulting from economic misery, Albania's lame-duck Prime Minister Sali Berisha placed his bet on nationalist tactics for parliamentary elections. However, the new Socialist majority could not afford to reject unification ambitions for tactical reasons either, writes Dušan Relji?.

  • Western Balkans: A regatta in stormy weather

    Enlargement 25-07-2011

    The European Union should adopt a "regatta" approach to membership hopefuls in the Western Balkans as a competitive race for accession should spur reforms in the countries concerned, argues Bojan Sarkic, a former senior Montenegrin diplomat.

  • Albania’s deadly riots: The latest development in a political tragedy

    Global Europe 04-02-2011

    There is no end in sight to Albania's political crisis and January's fatal demonstrations have shaken what little faith remained among EU leaders and institutions, write Bledar Feta and Dr. Ioannis Armakolas from the 'Athens Working Group: Transforming the Balkans' at the Hellenic Centre for European Studies (EKEM).

  • Europe’s engagement in the Western Balkans

    Global Europe 21-11-2007

    It is the people of the Western Balkans themselves who hold the key to the region's future, according to research carried out by the University of Trier for its project for the website 'Deutsche Aussenpolitik'.

  • Albania: Time to deliver

    Enlargement 03-03-2006

    As Albania takes a step closer to EU membership, Brussels tells it to step up reforms, writes Artan Puto in Transitions Online.

  • Albania: A democratic upset

    Enlargement 11-07-2005

    A troubled poll delivers a stunning victory to Albania’s former strongman Sali Berisha, says Altin Raxhimi in Transitions Online.

  • Albania: Stuck on the Border


    Albania: Stuck on the Border A 7-kilometer-long line of cars was stalled last week at the southern border crossing of Kakavia between Albania and Greece, along the dry valley of the Drinos River. The travelers were surrounded by barren, rocky hills and scorched by …

  • The European Parliament flexes its muscles – in Albania

    Security 01-07-2002

    The European Parliament flexes its muscles - in Albania Nicholas Whyte, Balkans Programme Director, International Crisis Group, June 2002. On June 24 the Albanian parliament elected retired general Alfred Moisiu as the country's new President, ending a period of political uncertainty that …

  • The Macedonian Framework Document and European Standards

    Enlargement 31-08-2001

    The Macedonian Framework Agreement dem-onstrates that the international community has learned important lessons from peace proc-esses, elsewhere in Europe, including Bosnia-Herzegovina and Northern Ireland. The Framework Document has four basic ideas - cessation of hostilities, decentralisation of government, political re-balancing and …

  • STRATFOR: Macedonia accuses NATO of siding with militants

    Enlargement 31-07-2001

    An analysis of NATO's role in Macedonia, published by STRATFOR Strategic Forecasting, a US intelligence consulting firm, says that "either through intent or mismanagement, NATO has helped prepare the ground for civil war". The analysis says that NATO's recent dealings …

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