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Alcohol 02-05-2018

Scotland rolls out minimum alcohol pricing after years of legal blocks

Scotland on Tuesday (1 May) introduced minimum pricing for alcohol, in what First Minister Nicola Sturgeon hailed as a "bold" and "brave" policy move that has endured years of legal battles.
Alcohol 11-07-2017

Majority of Europeans face risk of digestive cancers due to alcohol, report claims

A new report has linked alcohol consumption in the EU to an increase in cases of digestive cancer and warned policymakers to take immediate action.
Alcohol 21-06-2017

Alcohol makers brace for EU-wide mandatory labelling

Makers of spirits and beer are exploring self-regulatory solutions to show consumers the ingredients contained in the alcohol they drink. However, they find the Commission's timeline "too tight" and fear mandatory rules will eventually be imposed on them.
Public Affairs 27-01-2017

Erasmus students bring ‘Responsible Party’ campaign to Brussels

The Erasmus Student Network has been running a campaign across Europe, supported by French spirits maker Pernod Ricard, with the aim of convincing students to adopt a “responsible” stance towards alcohol when going out to party.
Health 29-09-2016

Ireland’s alcohol bill pleases EU health chief, irritates industry

The Irish government won praise from the EU’s Health Commissioner over a new bill, which imposes a stricter framework on alcohol consumption in Ireland, including a minimum unit price, labelling and marketing restrictions.
Agrifood 04-01-2016

Minimum pricing on alcohol still debated after court ruling

Introducing minimum pricing unit (MUP) on alcohol in the EU will likely restrict the single market, the Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled just before the Christmas break.
Irish pub
Health 10-12-2015

Ireland unveils minimum alcohol price plan to reduce drinking

The Irish government, aiming to change the country's "damaging attitude to alcohol", approved on Wednesday (9 December) plans for minimum prices for drinks in the hope of reducing one of Europe's highest levels of alcohol consumption.
Health 04-09-2015

Scottish minimum alcohol pricing may breach EU law

Scotland's plan to introduce a minimum price for alcohol risks breaching European Union law. Edinburgh should explore other ways to protect public health such as increasing tax, a senior adviser to the European Court of Justice said on Thursday (3 September).
Health 02-04-2015

Lawmakers urge Commission to table new alcohol strategy

SPECIAL REPORT / Members of the European Parliament, backed by health NGOs and the alcohol industry, are asking the European Commission to propose a new alcohol strategy, saying it should depart from the current one.
Brexit 06-03-2015

Lords press Commission to act on alcohol

While the EU must act to combat alcohol-related harm, any new initiative by the European Commission should focus on measures within its powers, such as taxation and labelling, the UK's House of Lords has said in a report published Friday (6 March).
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Alcohol 12-09-2014

Scotland: Industry, Health and Government make case for Alcohol Minimum Unit pricing

Health advocates, including doctors and nurses from Scotland and across Europe, find common cause with Scottish alcohol industry representatives in supporting  the Scottish Government's efforts to implement its Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) legislation. They call for global alcohol producers to drop their legal challenges to this policy that will save hundreds of lives of people in Scotland every year.