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Elections 17-08-2018

Slovenia parliament OKs former actor as prime minister-designate

Slovenia's parliament approved on Friday (17 August) a minority coalition government led by comedian-turned-politician Marjan Šarec, ending a political stalemate after an inconclusive June 3 parliamentary election. However, analysts said the cabinet, supported by five centre-left parties, might have a limited shelf life
Elections 12-03-2015

Bratušek faces Slovenian court for nominating herself a candidate for Commissioner

Slovenian police raided the home of ex-prime minister Alenka Bratušek yesterday (11 March) in search of evidence that she might have abused her position when her cabinet nominated her last year as a candidate for European commissioner.
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Transport 21-10-2014

Bulc to MEPs: “You learned I walk on fire. I thought I would get burnt but I didn’t”

Slovenian Commissioner-designate for transport Violeta Bulc appeared to make an excellent impression on MEPs during her confirmation hearing at the European Parliament on Monday.
Transport 21-10-2014

Bulc walks on fire… and survives

Slovenian Commissioner-designate for transport Violeta Bulc, who reportedly has trained as shaman and is able to walk on fire, made an excellent impression at her European Parliament confirmation hearing yesterday evening (20 October).
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EU Priorities 2020 15-10-2014

Doubts loom over new Commission start date

Doubts loom over new Commission start date
Jean-Claude Juncker [European Commission]
EU Priorities 2020 15-10-2014

Juncker plans team reshuffle

Commission President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker, has proposed a minor reshuffle of his team following the EU parliament's rejection of the Slovenian nominee to the European Commission.
EU Priorities 2020 14-10-2014

If Bulc is nominated, the next Dan Brown novel should be about the Brussels bubble

Some Europeans are deeply respectful of European institutions and serious about the jobs of the persons that lead it. It is a valuable project that brought peace, prosperity and democracy to the continent. It deserves full support. On the other hand, the Slovenian centre-left was cheering to the song that refrains “Europe is a gang of thieves” [see related EURACTIV article].
EU Priorities 2020 14-10-2014

Verhofstadt throws his weight behind Bulc

ALDE leader Guy Verhofstadt thew his weight behind the candidacy of Violeta Bulc on Monday (13 October). A minister in Slovenia's current government, Bulc would replace Alenka Bratušek as her country’s next EU Commissioner, on the Juncker team.
EU Priorities 2020 09-10-2014

Slovenian MEP the favourite to replace Bratušek

The two largest parties in the European Parliament have today (10 October) backed Socialist MEP Tanja Fajon to replace Alenka Bratušek as Slovenia's Commissioner in the new Juncker Commission.
Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, and leading figure of the Socialists & Democrats [European Parliament/Flickr]
EU Priorities 2020 09-10-2014

Small parties fume at backroom deals over Juncker team

A left-right alliance of big parties in the European Parliament delivered a near-complete endorsement of the new European Commission on Wednesday (8 October), after a week of partisan haggling that threatened to wreck Jean-Claude Juncker's lineup.
EU Priorities 2020 09-10-2014

Poto?nik may get fourth term

Current Slovenian Commissioner Janez Poto?nik could be the choice of Prime Minister Miro Cerar, replacing Alenka Bratušek, the only Juncker Commissioner-designate that MEPs rejected.
EU Priorities 2020 08-10-2014

Cañete safe after EPP-Socialist deal, but Bratušek is out

Alenka Bratušek, the Slovenian candidate for a senior Energy Union Vice-President role in the new Juncker Commission, was (8 October) overwhelmingly rejected tonight by the European Parliament, on a night MEPs also controversially backed Miguel Cañete as Climate and Energy Commissioner.
EU Priorities 2020 08-10-2014

Juncker team denies Bratušek threw in the towel

The European Commission strongly denied Wednesday (8 October) growing rumours that Slovenia’s Alenka Bratušek, Commissioner and Vice-President-designate for Energy Union, has abandoned plans to join the Juncker team following an unconvincing hearing Monday.
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Energy 07-10-2014

Bratušek: “The EU is the solution, not the problem”

Former Slovenian Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek, Commissioner and Vice-President-designate for Energy Union, made an unconvincing appearance in front of the European Parliament on Monday, after her expertise was tested by both the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, and the Committee of the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
EU Priorities 2020 07-10-2014

Parliament leaves Juncker no choice but to reshuffle his team

The formation of a new EU executive hit a fresh snag yesterday (6 October) when a parliamentary committee rejected the Hungarian nominated to run Education, Culture, Youth and Citizenship due to his record in a government accused of attacking civil rights.
EU Priorities 2020 06-10-2014

Bratušek’s poor showing adds to Juncker’s worries

Slovenia’s Alenka Bratušek, Commissioner and Vice-President-designate for Energy Union, made an unconvincing appearance in front of two European Parliament committees today (6 October). 
EU Priorities 2020 03-10-2014

Wrap-up: public hearings of Commissioners-designate

The European Parliament has approved on 22 October the new college of Commissioners by 423 votes in favour, 209 against, and 67 abstained. The new team can now officially take office on 1 November. 
EU Priorities 2020 29-09-2014

Make or break week begins for the Juncker Commission

The next 10 days could make or break a plan to reshape the European Union under new management, in an attempt to revive the economy and regain trust among its half-billion people.
Miro Cerar, photo Slovenia Times
Elections 19-09-2014

Slovenian parliament okays new centre-left cabinet

Slovenia's parliament yesterday (18 September) approved the new centre-left coalition government of Prime Minister Miro Cerar, which will aim to cut public spending and improve tax collection to help reduce the budget deficit to within EU limits.
Miguel Arias Cañete
EU Priorities 2020 10-09-2014

‘Sexist’ Spanish commissioner under Parliamentary spotlight

Elected Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will announce the portfolios of the 27 commissioners on his team today (10 September). The next step will be their approval by the European Parliament. At least two of them have good reasons to fear the hearings.
Technology 05-09-2014

Is this what a digital Commission looks like?

Jean-Claude Juncker’s new European Commission will have a vice-president in charge of digital and innovation, and a new commissioner post taking responsibility for internet and culture, according to leaked documents obtained by EURACTIV.

Lack of women no longer a problem for new Commission

Commission President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker is now almost certain to get support from the European Parliament because he has secured nine women on his team - the same number than in the current Barroso Commission. Three of them will be his deputies.
Commission V 0.5 lead picture
EU Priorities 2020 04-09-2014

EXCLUSIVE: The Juncker team revealed

Although president-elect Jean-Claude Juncker is still interviewing candidates for Commissioners, EURACTIV has seen a draft organigram prepared by his services and dated 2 September, in which every single commissioner is assigned a portfolio.
EU Elections 2014 03-09-2014

Juncker starts interviews with Commissioner candidates

Commission President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker yesterday (2 September) met with the candidates for commissioners presented by the member states. Belgium, the only country that hasn’t yet submitted a candidacy, is expected to do so on 4 September.