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Energy 05-12-2019

Russia says Ukraine’s proposed gas transit tariffs are too high

Moscow on Wednesday (4 December) said transit tariffs proposed by Ukraine to ship Russian gas through its territory next year were unacceptable and too high, claims swiftly dismissed by Kyiv.
Global Europe 09-04-2018

Gazprom CEO Miller says proud of inclusion on US sanctions list

The CEO of Russia's Gazprom , Alexei Miller, said on Friday (6 April) he was proud of having been included on a new US sanctions list and that the company's policies were right.
Energy 11-10-2016

Pipeline focus at Istanbul World Energy Congress

Major pipeline projects such as Turkish Stream and TANAP were the focus of the 23rd World Energy Congress which opened in Istanbul yesterday (10 October) in the presence of the leaders of Russia, Turkey and Azerbaijan.
Energy 16-06-2016

Gazprom warns of steep gas transit cuts via Ukraine after 2020

Russian gas transit to Europe via Ukraine will fall steeply after 2020 once state gas giant Gazprom has built a new pipeline under the Baltic Sea, Gazprom head Alexei Miller said today (16 June).
Energy 26-02-2016

Gazprom revives ‘Poseidon’ Adriatic link

Gazprom has revived a project that would see an offshore pipeline built to bring Russian gas from Greece to Italy. The new project is named “Poseidon”.
Central Europe 06-01-2016

Bulgarian gas wars uncover hidden Gazprom strategies

EXCLUSIVE / Gazprom stopped supplies to Overgas, a private Bulgarian gas distribution company in which it has a 50% stake. The surprising move prompted comments and provided insight into the broader strategies of the Russian gas monopoly in Bulgaria, and the local interests involved.
Energy 25-11-2015

Gazprom halts supplies to Ukraine

Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller announced on Wednesday (25 November) that due to non-prepayment for gas, Russia has halted supplies to Ukraine, with which tensions are growing.
Energy 02-06-2015

Serbia to diversify its energy suppliers

During a visit to Tirana on 27-28 May, Prime Minister Aleksandar Vu?i? said that Serbia would join a US-backed pipeline that would transport gas from Azerbaijan, while Minister of Energy Aleksandar Anti? said that a gas interconnection with Bulgaria are priorities. EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Energy 22-04-2015

Greece and Russia discuss pipeline deal

Greece held "constructive" talks with the head of Gazprom, in Athens yesterday (21 April), and hopes that the two sides will soon reach a deal on a pipeline that will bring Russian gas to Europe via its territory.
Competition 17-04-2015

EU fires warning shots at Gazprom

The European Union's competition chief challenged Russian gas giant Gazprom on Thursday, when she pledged to act decisively against energy companies that break competition law.
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Energy 15-01-2015

Šef?ovi? ‘very surprised’ at Russia’s decision to cut EU gas supply via Ukraine

EU Energy Commissioner Maroš Šef?ovi? said he was 'very surprised' after Russia announced it would shift all its gas transit from Ukraine to Turkey, and that EU customers should buy this gas at the border with Greece.
Energy 12-12-2014

Cancellation of South Stream makes economic sense

On December 1, 2014 Vladimir Putin announced that Russia would abandon construction of an ambitious $40 billion project - the South Stream gas pipeline. Hedvika Ko?ousková and Martin Jirušek comment on the wider context of this decision.
Energy 10-12-2014

Russia confirms decision to abandon South Stream

Following a statement by EU ministers who said they wanted Russia to clarify its intentions concerning the South Stream gas pipeline, Russian gas monopoly Gazprom confirmed yesterday (9 December) that the decision to abandon the project is final.
Gazprom's CEO Alexei Miller. Photo: Gazprom's website
Global Europe 02-12-2014

Russia says South Stream project is over

Russia scrapped the South Stream pipeline project to supply gas to southern Europe, without crossing Ukraine, on Monday (December 1), citing EU objections, and instead named Turkey as its preferred partner for an alternative pipeline, with a promise of hefty discounts.
Yuriy Prodan. Photo Georgi Gotev
Energy 24-07-2014

Ukraine complains about reduced reverse flows from EU

Ukraine said yesterday (23 July) it was receiving less gas via reverse flows from the European Union, which Energy Minister Yuri Prodan blamed on reluctance by firms within the EU to antagonise Russian gas producer Gazprom, a heavy critic of the flows.
OMV Chief Gerhard Roiss and Gazprom's Alexei Miller, photo OMV
Energy 25-06-2014

Austria seals South Stream deal with Gazprom

Austria gave its final approval to a controversial Russian gas pipeline project on Tuesday, defying EU officials and welcoming Russian President Vladimir Putin to the neutral country that has been a long-standing energy customer for Moscow.
Energy 17-06-2014

Russia cuts off gas, Ukraine secures borders

Russia cut off gas to Ukraine yesterday (16 June) in a dispute over unpaid bills that could disrupt supplies to the rest of Europe and set back hopes for peace between the former Soviet neighbours.
Gazprom's CEO Alexei Miller. Photo: Gazprom's website
Energy 13-06-2014

Gazprom threatens to stop gas deliveries to Ukraine

Russian gas exporter Gazprom will halt supplies to Ukraine if it fails to pay off part of its gas debts by Monday, chief executive Alexei Miller said yesterday (12 June), raising fears of gas flow disruptions to Europe.
Yuriy Prodan. Photo Georgi Gotev
Energy 11-06-2014

Ukraine energy minister: Russia blocks gas price talks to promote South Stream

Following trilateral talks on gas pricing involving Russia and Ukraine and hosted today (11 June) by the European Commission, Yuri Prodan, the Ukrainian energy minister, told EURACTIV that Russia obstructed progress on purpose, as it wanted to convince its EU partners about the advantages of the Gazprom-favoured South Stream pipeline, which is intended to bypass Ukraine.
Energy 02-06-2014

Oettinger: EU help in resolving South Stream’s legal problems is conditional

EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger said the Commission-mediated talks to solve legal issues over the Gazprom-favoured South Stream gas pipeline could continue only if Russia adheres to international law in the context of the Ukraine crisis.
Gazprom's CEO Alexei Miller. Photo: Gazprom's website
Energy 13-05-2014

Russia says it will halt gas deliveries if Ukraine doesn’t pay

Russia reiterated its threat to stop supplying Ukraine with natural gas on Monday (May 12) if Kyiv does not pay in advance for June deliveries, and said further talks on the issue were also contingent on payment.
Energy 07-04-2014

Russia tells West reverse gas flows are ‘illegal’

Gazprom’s CEO Alexei Miller said that gas reverse flows from EU countries to Ukraine are illegal, defying a Brussels plan to help the country’s pro-European government fight against Russia’s strategy to wreck its economy by increasing gas prices.