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Energy 12-11-2014

EUROBAT: Batteries and their contribution to a sustainable society

EUROBAT, the European Association for Automotive and Industrial Batteries, announced the results of studies on trends in automotive batteries. These underline the particular need for the long term co-existence between all battery technologies for meeting future mobility demands. A new report also revealed that closed loop collection and recycling for automotive lead-based batteries is a reality. Batteries for energy storage applications are also readily available and facilitating the integration of renewable energy in the electricity grid.
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Politics 17-03-2014

Kellen and AGEP join forces

Kellen Europe and AGEP, the two leading Brussels’ based Association Management Companies, today announced that they have joined forces.
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Politics 03-02-2014

EuroConference 2014 – Save the Date

For the 14th time in a row, Kellen Europe is organizing its annual EuroConference in Brussels, THE event on best practices in association management. Kellen Europe coordinates the only ongoing professional forum in Europe dedicated to examining and measuring the factors that affect the association’s efficiency and identifying best models of operation.