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Health 13-11-2017

Life-threatening lung disease: Europe’s ‘unknown’ killer

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a lung disease that results in changes in several different parts of the respiratory system and lungs at the same time. But it is far more than just a 'smoker's cough'.
Agrifood 19-09-2017

Food industry calls for harmonised precautionary allergen labelling

Europe’s food and drink producers have called on the Commission to come up with EU-wide standards on precautionary allergen labelling, arguing it is a much-needed step towards completing the single market.

EU rules force luxury perfumes remix

European perfume makers are turning to preserve the scent of their fragrances in the face of new EU anti-allergy restrictions by using 'obscure' ingredients such as seaweed.
Health 20-12-2013

Allergies: Europe’s most underestimated chronic diseases

Although they disproportionately affect young people and impact many lives negatively, allergies are still neglected by medical specialists and few countries have adequate programmes in place to deal with them, writes Claudio Ciprian T?n?sescu.

Allergy findings not sufficient for banning luxury perfumes, EU says

The EU has no intention of imposing a ban on Chanel's No. 5 perfume, a European Commission spokesman has said, after a study recommended that tree moss used in the famous luxury perfume should be banned because of potential allergic reactions.
Health 23-08-2006

Latvia to promote healthy snacks in schools

As a response to concerns over children's consumption of "unhealthy foods", Latvia will ban their sale in schools later this year.

Buzek backs more R&D on allergic diseases in FP7

Parliament's rapporteur for FP7 wants more focus on allergic diseases. Allergies have negative effects on quality of life and lead to weaker school performance and lower productivity at work.
Health 07-10-2004

EU ministers agree to ban chemicals in toys

The Competitiveness Council has unanimously voted in favour of a ban on certain chemicals used in toys for young children. Industry representatives have already stated they were considering legal action.
Health 06-02-2003

Commission proposes toughened food and feed controls

The Commission has released a legislative proposal containing new general rules for food and feed controls, which aims at curing weaknesses in current legislation and sets out tougher enforcement mechanisms.
Health 15-11-2002

Allergic consumers case gains support from Council

The Council reached a political agreement on 14 November on food labelling requirements for foodstuffs containing allergenic ingredients.