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EU Elections 2014 21-03-2014

Germany’s Eurosceptic AfD meets to define party platform

Right-wingers are gaining influence in Germany, as more liberals join the Alternative for Germany party. But ahead of a national convention in Erfurt, the AfD is scrambling for consensus on a number of issues, hoping for a manifesto that will signal "solidarity and a departure on a new course". EURACTIV Germany reports.
EU Elections 2014 27-01-2014

Germany’s Eurosceptic AfD launches EU elections campaign

Germany's new Eurosceptic party launched its campaign for the European Parliament elections on Saturday (25 January) with an attack on EU federalism and a defence of national sovereignty, in an attempt to mend divisive infighting, EURACTIV Germany reports.
Elections 14-11-2013

Coalition talks position Germany as sovereignist state

While still incomplete, the European policy platform emerging from coalition negotiations between Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives and the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) appears to be strongly sovereignist.