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Brexit 03-09-2018

‘No deal’ Brexit would be ‘chaotic and severe’, warns expert group

A ‘no deal’ Brexit would cost the UK four times more than the EU-27 and result in a “chaotic and severe” hit to its economy, experts from the UK in a Changing Europe think-tank concluded in a paper published on Monday (3 September).
Brexit 25-06-2018

UK divided but don’t mention another Brexit referendum

Two years after voting to leave the EU, the United Kingdom is split down the middle about what Brexit should look like, whether it should happen, and whether they should have another vote on it.
Brexit 06-05-2015

Talk of Brexit must not undermine next government’s attempts to wield influence in EU

Regardless of whether Labour or the Conservatives win Thursday's general election, the issue of Europe will play a key role in the next parliament, writes Anand Menon.
EU Priorities 2020 29-04-2008

Professor: EU works well even without Lisbon Treaty

The EU continues to function just as well as before enlargement, according to Professor Anand Menon from the European Research Institute at the University of Birmingham. Speaking to EURACTIV.sk in an interview, he said an important innovation of the Lisbon Treaty is the "yellow card procedure", which would give national parliaments a say on draft Commission proposals.