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  • NATO Chief calls for ‘firm international response’ to chemical attack in Syria

     Video | Promoted content | Defence policy 03-09-2013

    As UN figures have revealed that over 2 million people have fled their homes in Syria, Nato's political chief on Monday called for a strong 'international response' to the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict.
    Rassmussen said in Brussels that he also believes the Syrian government is behind the chemical weapons attack that took place earlier in August in the outskirts of Damascus, killing over 1000 people.

  • Nato launches European missile shield

     Video | Promoted content | Politics 21-05-2012

    NATO's new European missile defense system is ready too start operating. This is one of the messages that came out of a two-day Summit held in Chicago where the leaders of the 28-nation alliance are gathering.
    The mechanism will link together the missile defense systems of all the allies and it will be controlled by NATO.
    NATO's Secretary general said that this is the first step towards a long-term goal of providing full coverage and protection for all NATO European populations.

  • Danish PM warns against ‘abuse’ of crisis

    Interview | EU Priorities 2020 04-11-2008

    Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen wants EU leaders to "stick to free market principles" and prevent those who are "trying to abuse the financial crisis" from introducing "protectionist measures" for domestic industries. He spoke to EURACTIV before his keynote address at the European Liberal Democrats' annual congress in Stockholm last week.