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András Baneth, managing director, Public Affairs Council
EU Priorities 2020 17-11-2014

Regulatory advocacy in the EU: 5 years of ‘new’ comitology

Established by the Treaty of Lisbon in 2009, the ‘new’ system of adopting implementing and delegated acts is playing an increasingly important role in the EU decision-making process and, as a result, has made a dramatic change in the EU’s regulatory dynamic, writes András Baneth.
András Baneth, managing director, Public Affairs Council
Digital 18-06-2014

Why EU digital advocacy is more than social media

Engaging an audience around a message is now the rule, not the exception, in EU public affairs. Digital advocacy is here to stay, writes András Baneth.
Public Affairs 13-01-2014

What the 2014 elections will mean for EU public affairs professionals

All eyes are on the EU institutions this year given the upcoming European Parliament elections and the subsequent change of top officials. But the stream of analyses and conferences fail to address a vital question: what will these changes mean for the business community, NGOs and the wider public affairs world, András Baneth writes.
Public Affairs 17-06-2013

Should EU regulatory professionals start engaging in social media?

We are witnessing a new phenomenon where online tools, and especially the mobilising force of social media is no longer restricted to high politics or pure monitoring of EU events, but it is entering the realm of regulatory issues, from pesticides to intellectual property, where policy makers, both on national and EU level, are keen (and sometimes forced) to listen to the public, says András Baneth.