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Brexit 27-10-2017

UK sets date for parliamentary showdown on Withdrawal bill

The British government said on Thursday (26 October) its key piece of Brexit legislation would be debated in parliament on 14 and 15 November, the next stage in what is expected to be a tortuous lawmaking process that will test Prime Minister Theresa May’s authority.
Gabriel D'Arcy, CEO of the LacPatrick dairy cooperative, said Ireland's agricultural industry will be the "eye of the storm" in Brexit negotiations.
Agrifood 22-02-2017

Ireland scrambles to shield agriculture from Brexit threat

The Irish government is scrambling to protect its agriculture industry, which exports almost half its goods to the UK, from the threat of Brexit.
Brexit 04-01-2017

UK promises scrapping ‘three-crops’ farm rule post-Brexit

The UK’s new agriculture minister has promised a major scrapping of EU farming regulation - including key green measures - after it leaves the bloc.
Brexit 27-10-2016

Le Foll: UK cannot have it all in Brexit deal

Britain cannot have it all as it exits the European Union and cannot leave behind the bloc's problems while benefiting from its advantages, French Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll said on Wednesday (26 October).
Brexit 13-07-2016

Merkel ‘looking forward’ to meeting new PM May

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) does not want to put incoming British Prime Minister Theresa May under any undue pressure when it comes to Brexit. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Brexit 07-07-2016

The two women who want to be the next British prime minister

Britain’s governing Conservative party MPs have voted on who should be their next leader – and, with it, the prime minister who will trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, and negotiate the UK’s exit from the EU over the next two years.
Brexit 07-07-2016

May or Leadsom will be the UK’s Brexit PM

Either Theresa May or Andrea Leadsom will be the next British prime minister and the person to negotiate Brexit, it emerged Thursday night (7 July), after the pair were voted through to the final round in the contest to replace David Cameron.
Brexit 05-07-2016

May wins big in first round of voting to be post-Brexit UK PM

Theresa  May, the British Home Secretary, swept into a convincing lead in the first round of voting to replace David Cameron as prime minister on Tuesday (5 July).
Brexit 15-03-2016

Poll: edie readers oppose Brexit

A poll conducted by EURACTIV’s partner edie.net has revealed that the majority of its readers will be voting to keep Britain IN the European Union when the Referendum takes place on 23 June, with more than 80% voting in support of Britain's position as a member state.
Brexit 21-10-2015

MPs to scrutinise green policies ahead of Brexit referendum

The UK parliament’s cross-party Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) has announced it will hold a public enquiry to assess the effectiveness of European environmental policy in the UK. EURACTIV's partner edie.net reports.