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Trade & Society 20-05-2014

GE-Alstom merger: More Honeywell than Honeymoon?

General Electric’s bid to merge with Alstom is history repeating itself. And if GE does not engage in proper EU lobbying work this time, failure will be its destiny again, writes Andreas Geiger.
Europe's East 18-03-2014

White Knight: Are sanctions against Ukraine’s former leaders legal?

EU sanctions against Ukraine officials are illegal under EU treaties, because they target people who have ceased to be part of the toppled regime, writes Andreas Geiger.
Future EU 18-07-2012

The post-mortem on ACTA

The effects of the ACTA are serious and far-reaching, touching the health and lives of people in poorer countries worldwide. The ambiguity with which the treaty is written provides significant scope for improper implementation with the potential to create more harm than benefit, argues Andreas Geiger.
Competition 23-06-2011

The end of the EU cartel leniency programme

A recent European Court of Justice ruling is a potential blow to a key programme protecting anti-cartel whistle-blowers in the European Commission's competition department, argues Andreas Geiger of Brussels law firm Alber & Geiger.
Global Europe 06-05-2011

The Death of Bin Laden: A European perspective

The killing of an unarmed Osama Bin Laden by US forces in Pakistan violated America's democratic and legal principles as well as religious values, argues legal expert Andreas Geiger.
Public Affairs 21-04-2011

EU lobbying by third countries

Governments are increasingly turning to PR companies to improve public perception of their activities. But in a world of round-the-clock media coverage any inaccuracies in such information are spotted fast, writes Andreas Geiger of Brussels law firm Alber & Geiger in an exclusive commentary for EURACTIV.
Technology 08-09-2010

Google’s street credibility

Google is once again under fire in the EU after several member states demanded more details about its 'Street View' service - a feature of Google's Maps service, which allows users to see live images of a given road and intersection, writes Andreas Geiger of Brussels lobbying firm Alber & Geiger.

Lawyer: Bulgaria wrongly portrayed as EU’s bogeyman

Bulgaria is doing at least as well as Romania in the field of justice and home affairs, but is portrayed in a negative light to discourage further EU enlargement, Andreas Geiger, a partner in Brussels law firm Alber & Geiger, told EURACTIV in an interview.