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Brexit 30-01-2015

Andrew Duff: The eurozone crisis has accentuated the need for federalism

"I’ve always been a federalist," Andrew Duff told EURACTIV in a wide-ranging interview. "The eurozone crisis has accentuated the need for the federalist argument to be put."
Future EU 04-07-2013

Duff: Polarisation will boost turnout in European elections

Ahead of a vote in Parliament today (4 July) on a resolution aimed at giving political parties the same rulebook for the European elections in May 2014, liberal rapporteur Andrew Duff told EURACTIV that campaigns should offer a greater European dimension.
Future EU 12-09-2012

Federalist MEP: ‘We are not ever going to be like a German federal republic’

Eurozone countries, at the request of Germany, have taken steps towards fiscal union and greater budget discipline, but Berlin will have to agree to a second phase of integration with fiscal solidarity and debt mutualisation, says Andrew Duff.
Future EU 06-07-2011

Duff: Next EU election campaign should be ‘enjoyable’

Reform of the EU electoral system to be voted on tomorrow (7 July) in the European Parliament should make sure that voters across the Union and the media actually "enjoy" European election campaigns, UK Liberal Democrat MEP Andrew Duff told EURACTIV Germany in an exclusive interview.
Elections 06-10-2010

Duff: Look to transnational list for Barroso’s successor

Anti-federalists loathe the idea of introducing a transnational list of 25 MEPs in the next European Parliament, because they fear one of them would gain the legitimacy to claim to become the next Commission President, MEP Andrew Duff told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

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