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Brexit 28-04-2017

Industry and associations steer clear of Brexit communication ‘black hole’

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union is totally unprecedented. How best to communicate the various aspects of Brexit presents its own challenges, including how to get a meaningful message across when everyone else is shouting about the same thing.

Terror threat paralyses Brussels, EU institutions

The European Council decided to cancel the majority of non-essential meetings scheduled to take place today (23 November) and the European Commission encouraged its staff to work from home, in what appears to be a capitulation to a terror threat, which has transformed Brussels into a ghost city.
EU Elections 2014 04-06-2014

High-profile ‘casualties’ in European Parliament elections

Many high-profile MEPs have been re-elected, but a significant number of them have been less lucky and have failed in their attempt to enter the new European Parliament. The EURACTIV network reports about the most prominent election casualties.
Future EU 23-11-2012

MEPs demand moving EU elections to May 2014

MEPs urged EU political parties to propose candidates to succeed Commission President José Manuel Barroso, in a bid to give voters a bigger say over who becomes the top EU executive. They also voted to move the poll from June to May so that they have time to prepare for the presidential election in July 2014.
Future EU 11-06-2012

Federalist warms up to Europe at two speeds

Liberal MEP Andrew Duff, a leading federalist, is urging EU leaders at their 28-29 June summit to consider building a political union with, “at least initially”, a core group of countries forming a vanguard under a new treaty.
Brexit 05-09-2011

Liberal MEP suggests ‘second-class membership’ for UK

Andrew Duff, a British Liberal MEP and leader of the Union of European Federalists, has called for a genuine 'fiscal union' and greater EU integration, explicitly saying that opt-outs should be made possible for more Eurosceptic countries like the United Kingdom.
Future EU 06-07-2011

Current MEPs could end up on pan-European list

Ahead of a European Parliament vote tomorrow (7 July) on reforming the EU's electoral system, UK Liberal Democrat MEP Andrew Duff told EURACTIV Germany that according to an amendment to his proposal, the 25 additional MEPs to be elected from transnational lists could be selected from existing MEPs.
Brexit 04-03-2011

Federalists in attempt to upgrade Lisbon Treaty

Leading MEP Andrew Duff has tabled "federalist" proposals to enable future EU treaty revisions to be made with a four-fifths majority of member states, in a bid to bypass the UK's 'referendum lock' on any further treaty amendments.

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