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Development Policy 16-09-2014

EU calls for wider response to the Ebola epidemic

The EU will intensify its financial assistance to Western Africa, in order to contribute to the efforts in the fight against the Ebola outbreak. At a special meeting held yesterday (15 September) in Brussels, the bloc reiterated its willingness to work hard to stop the spread of the disease. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Development Policy 02-09-2014

Piebalgs: Aid to conflict zones ‘becoming the rule, rather than the exception’

SPECIAL REPORT: Europe’s engagement with fragile and conflict-prone states is increasingly becoming the mainstay of its developmental work, the EU development commissioner, Andris Piebalgs, has told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Development Policy 17-07-2014

EU launches first-ever development fund for CAR

The European Commission has announced a fund to link relief, rehabilitation and development in the Central African Republic, an initiative which will be financed by France, Germany, the Netherlands and private donors. EURACTIV France reports.
Development Policy 24-06-2014

Brussels seeks to raise €2.6 billion for basic education in developing world

A two-day fundraising conference beginning in Brussels tomorrow (25 June) aims at raising a minimum of €2.6 billion over the next three years to boost primary education in developing countries, the European Commission announced today (24 June). 
An ecologic building in London, UK. [Giancarlo Liguori/Shutterstock].

EU tables proposals to tackle ‘intertwined’ challenges in Europe, developing world

The European Commission tabled proposals on Monday (2 June) for tackling the “intertwined challenges of eliminating poverty” and “ensuring progress is sustainable”, in the EU's contribution to the post-2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Women filling buckets with water from a well. [F. Lefebvre/ UNICEF]
Development Policy 02-05-2014

EU pledges further work on ‘resilience’ to climate change

The EU commissioners dealing with development cooperation and humanitarian aid have pledged more work on “resilience”, defined as the ability of individuals and communities to recover from shocks and stresses.
In Zambia 85% percent of population lives from agriculture. [Florence Devouard (CC BY-SA 2.0)]
Development Policy 23-04-2014

Study: Public-private partnerships threaten smallholders

Collaboration between public and private agriculture investment was thought to be beneficial for development. But a recent study focusing on Zambia argues the opposite: most companies simply seek a quick profit, while local smallholders sink further into poverty. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Development Policy 19-03-2014

France frustrated by Europe’s shortcomings in Central African Republic

During a foreign affairs council in Brussels, EU member states tried in vain to revitalise the planned EUFOR mission to the Central African Republic. France’s beckoning goes unheeded as it continues to play a critical role in the country. EURACTIV France reports.
Development Policy 01-08-2013

British Lords blast Commission over water aid to Africa

A House of Lords committee has sent a scathing letter to the European Commission, accusing it of "culpable waste" in its water and sanitation projects in sub-Saharan Africa.
Development Policy 02-07-2013

Côte d’Ivoire cracks down on illegal wood bound for EU

Côte d'Ivoire is clearing tens of thousands of cocoa farmers from protected forests, threatening exports from the world's top grower and leading to complaints about human rights abuses. The European Union is the major export market for the wood.

EU and Gates Foundation sign disease research agreement

The European Union and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today (10 June) pledged to pool resources for research into HIV/Aids, tuberculosis, malaria and other poverty-related diseases.
Development Policy 22-04-2013

EU plans new approach to tackle ‘worst form of poverty’

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Commission is calling for a more robust emphasis on the long-term nutritional needs of infants and mothers to address malnourishment, a leading cause of death in impoverished nations, a year after European auditors criticised the EU’s response to food insecurity in developing countries.
Development Policy 10-04-2013

EU pushing ‘old 90s script’ on next UN aid agenda

An architect of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) has warned that the European Union runs the risk of overreach as it tries to shape the future international anti-poverty agenda.
Development Policy 04-04-2013

EU falters with UN targets as development aid drops 4.3%

Brussels has called on member states to honour their aid commitments as their contributions to the world’s poorest countries fell by €2.3 billion in 2012, according to an Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report published yesterday (3 April).
Development Policy 27-02-2013

EU sees itself as ‘role model’ for global environment, anti-poverty talks

The European Commission on Wednesday (27 February) called for merging the fight against poverty and environmental protection into a single framework for the future, casting itself as the “role model” for the rest of the world.
Development Policy 18-12-2012

Piebalgs presses EU nations to live up to aid promises

Europe's overseas aid commissioner urged rich nations not to renege on their commitments to help the world's poor people, even as EU capitals grapple with their own financing problems.

Some nations could see EU water aid run dry

Impoverished people in India, Brazil and other emerging countries could be left in the lurch under EU plans to redirect development assistance to the world’s neediest nations, aid and rights activists say.
Global Europe 09-09-2011

Brussels ‘could save €4 billion in development aid’

The EU, which is the world's biggest aid donor and gives over €53 billion a year to developing countries, could save €4 billion by managing more effectively the grants and loans it provides to help reduce poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.