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Development Policy 22-11-2013

Andris Piebalgs: ‘MDGs made the world a better place to live’

The UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have already had a "huge impact in the world" and made it "a better place to live", according to the EU's development commissioner, Andris Piebalgs. While the world has not met all the targets, which they were supposed to do by 2015, the MDGs have paved the way for a "far more ambitious" post-2015 development agenda, Pielbalgs told EURACTIV ahead of the European Development Days, a conference that will be held in Brussels on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.
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Development Policy 01-08-2013

EU pressed to do more to combat AIDS in Eastern Europe

AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria are infectious diseases that together kill millions of people every year. Recent EU and international efforts have resulted in a dramatic decrease of the global mortality rate caused by these infections, especially in Africa. However, the situation is now heading in the wrong direction in Eastern Europe.