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Cybersecurity 19-09-2017

Ansip: Free flow of data could raise European salaries

Jobs could be more secure and better paid because of the European Commission's new proposal to guarantee the free flow of data between EU countries, Andrus Ansip said in an interview.
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Technology 12-06-2015

Digital for Growth: Removing Barriers to Build for Europe’s Future

Andrus Ansip, vice-president of the European Commission for the Digital Single Market, delivers the 2015 Guglielmo Marconi Lecture at the European Digital Forum.
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Technology 08-06-2015

The 2015 European Digital Forum

Tech entrepreneurs, web startups, think tankers, policymakers and thought leaders team up for a fascinating exchange on how Europe's Digital Single Market can fuel a European renaissance. For more information, visit http://www.europeandigitalforum.eu