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Poland’s constitutional conundrum…explained

Like other European nations, Poland will remain a source of conflicting messages in years to come. But the EU has nothing to worry about – the democratic government in place can be removed in a peaceful manner next time people come to vote, writes Piotr Macej Kaczyński.
Central Europe 19-01-2016

Poland’s Law and Justice party is losing its lustre

While the recently-elected right wing Law and Justice Party [PiS] is taking advantage of its parliamentary majority to undermine Poland’s constitutional order and increase control over public media, it will fade into insignificance even faster than its predecessors, writes Andrzej Ancygier.
Energy 14-12-2015

How Polish elites condemn the country to backwardness

The EU was a strong bridge-builder in the Paris climate talks, but could have pushed for even more, had one of its members not decided to spoil the party, writes Andrzej Ancygier.
Energy 03-11-2015

Europe must support Polish decarbonisation

A Polish transition to a modern, prosperous, clean economy is dependent on action at European-level, writes Anna Dubowik.