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Euro & Finance 05-08-2015

The European fairy-tale is over, but the story continues

If we are to believe the stock markets, all is well in Europe. But markets are in danger of underestimating looming perils such as populism, a Brexit, German dominance and weakening European power, writes Andy Langenkamp.
Euro & Finance 23-07-2012

Only a political suicide or national unity government can save Spain and the euro

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, his voters are being bled dry on all sides. At the same time, an impatient EU is piling on the pressure to inflict even more pain at speed. It is a difficult balancing act for Rajoy, who needs his voters to believe that he has their best interests at heart under relentless pressure from the markets and the EU, writes Andy Langenkamp.
Euro & Finance 27-06-2012

Europe will push back frontiers and open up new horizons

European leaders will have to move towards further integration simply because they cannot afford to climb down. But they are increasingly inclined to ignore borders and launch cross-border initiatives, says Andy Langenkamp.
Euro & Finance 04-06-2012

Grexit: 400-year old deal obsolete?

Greece is more likely to stay in the eurozone than go as other countries do not want their banks to go under due to an early Grexit. Their motivation will be negative rather than inspired by a desire to achieve further integration as a means of strengthening Europe. But a positive attitude can only be expected if voters start to realise it is better for their national interests if they put European interests first, says Andy Langenkamp.