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  • May throws down gauntlet to European leaders

    Brexit 17-01-2017

    Watching Theresa May in a hotel room in the capital of a small European nation, not in the EU, has been a surreal experience. Her insistence that every other EU leader had to accept that their citizens cannot any longer travel to the UK on the terms they can today seemed borderline impertinent, writes Denis MacShane.

  • From Brexit to Trump: Transatlantic Allies in an era of unpredictability

    Global Europe 24-11-2016

    Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as US President is not just a test for EU leaders and institutions, it’s test of free citizens in free societies, write Geoffrey Harris and Tim Oliver.

  • President Trump and international relations

    Global Europe 23-11-2016

    America’s new president has the potential to thoroughly shake up international relations. Volker Perthes lays out five theses that researchers and policymakers will need to address.

  • Welcome to the Leak-ocracy:  Elections decided by Russian hackers and (Wiki)leaks

    Elections 23-11-2016

    A new and disturbing factor emerged during this US presidential election, one that may change elections forever: democracies are now at the mercy of hacking and surveillance technologies, and those who control them. Steven Hill warns that Germany could be next.

  • The (German) politics behind Nord Stream 2

    Energy 04-11-2016

    An unlikely coalition is emerging in Germany between Angela Merkel’s CDU and the Greens. More and more, both parties want to stop the construction of a second pipeline that will transport gas directly from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea, explains Judy Dempsey.

  • The End of Europe

    Future EU 21-10-2016

    The EU risks disintegration with the emergence of a xenophobic and populist wave. The European project needs to be completely rethought, far from the current state of exception, argues historian Enzo Traverso.

  • Crimea: The cost of sanctions and the risk of retaliation

    Global Europe 04-10-2016

    Sanctions have already cost Russia one third of its GDP. As they come up for renewal, the EU must be wary of backing Putin into a corner and forcing him to take drastic action, writes John Dale Grover.

  • Energy and climate change all-important to new EU

    Climate change 28-09-2016

    As the debate over priorities for EU reform post-Brexit ramps up, misguided attempts to avoid political tensions are undermining popular and necessary action on energy and climate change, writes Nick Mabey.

  • Outsourcing European border security – ‘at the whim of foreign dictators’?

    Global Europe 22-09-2016

    If Europe wants to stabilise itself against the relentless pressure of South-North migration — a must rather than an option now — taking matters into its own hands is the only sustainable way forward, argues Leopold Traugott.

  • The Somme, Verdun and Brexit

    Brexit 07-09-2016

    Brexit was the point at which two narratives about 20th century European history collided. The 21st century has seen Europe begin to turn once again toward nationalism. Fritz Groothues warns there is much to be done to reverse this trend.

  • Eastern Europe and Brexit: Avoiding an ‘ever looser union’

    Brexit 06-09-2016

    In the wake of the Brexit vote, it remains unclear how aware Central and Eastern European countries are about the short and medium-term risks of the UK leaving the bloc and which strategies they should pursue to mitigate them, writes Ivaylo Iaydjiev.

  • A letter to Angela Merkel from a Berlin Jew

    Elections 05-09-2016

    Alternative für Deutschland’s startling second-place in Sunday’s election in Mecklenburg-Pomerania (4 September) has sent shockwaves throughout Germany. The consequences are particularly concerning for the country’s minorities. Joel Schalit writes to Angela Merkel about how to repair the damage.