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  • Door-slamming reactions to the UK won’t help

    Brexit 27-06-2016

    The UK needs 12-16 weeks to order its affairs. In the meantime, door-slamming reactions from the EU can only be counterproductive, Sir Graham Watson writes.

  • Brexit, Europe’s OMG moment

    Brexit 27-06-2016

    Any gesturing on the side of the EU-27, or from the Union's institutions that smacks of hectoring, bullying, impatience or disrespect will make a bad situation worse, writes Dick Roche.

  • Brexit: What to do and where to go now?

    Brexit 24-06-2016

    Like most tragedies, Brexit is the result of stupid mistakes, often self-inflicted. But the referendum question was put in clear and simple terms, it was actively debated and the democratic answer is clear. Any attempt to reverse it would change the situation from bad to worse, writes Philippe de Schoutheete.

  • Erdogan’s apogee

    Global Europe 14-06-2016

    Turks, being both friendly and political, usually ask visitors what they think of Turkey. Seldom nowadays do they like the answer, writes Andrew Duff.

  • AfD lashes out at Özil

    Languages & Culture 03-06-2016

    His national credentials are indisputable. Named ‘best German abroad’ in January by football tabloid Kicker, it was the fifth such crowning for the Ruhr-born midfielder, following four consecutive years as Germany’s player of the year.

  • Germany looks to ease Russian sanctions

    Global Europe 02-06-2016

    From Germany’s point of view, in the absence of normalisation with Russia, the worst case scenario would be a Cold War to its east, which would bring the end of the EU, writes George Friedman.

  • Incompetent political leaders and the media are destroying Europe

    Future EU 31-05-2016

    It has become trendy among politicians and the media to portray the EU as a faceless horrifying monster which has caused the crisis that Europe currently faces. Nothing could be further from the truth, writes Marlene Wind.

  • Turkey’s visa liberalisation: An insult to the EU’s eastern neighbours?

    Europe's East 06-05-2016

    While the EU may think that remaining silent on the more challenging issues of the visa liberalisation deal might be a price worth paying for dealing with the refugee crisis, it reflects the bloc’s desperation, writes Igor Merheim-Eyre.

  • Parliament must stand up for whistleblowers, not corporate secrecy

    Trade & Society 11-04-2016

    The adoption of the new Trade Secrets Directive in the European Parliament this week, which seems all but certain, will send a terrible signal to Europeans just one week after the Panama Papers were revealed, writes MEP Julia Reda.

  • France confronts Germany on defence

    Global Europe 11-04-2016

    For the French, building a European military force around France and Germany is the necessary precondition for any solution to Europe’s growing challenges. But this goes counter to Germany’s fundamental sense of self, and its interests, writes George Friedman.

  • Why the EU should accept Ankara’s demands

    Global Europe 16-03-2016

    The EU-Turkey deal has been painted by some as a step backward for European values, but in the long run, adopting the deal would benefit not only the EU and Ankara, but the refugee as well, argues Alexander Bürgin.

  • EU-Turkey deal: Decisive or divisive?

    Justice & Home Affairs 16-03-2016

    If European Union leaders were expecting Turkish PrimeMminister Ahmet Davutoğlu to meekly accede to their expectations and demands at the migration summit last week, they were clearly mistaken, write Mehmet Öğütçü and Stephen Jones.

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