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  • Merkel preaches federalism to MEPs, warns Britain against EU exit

    Promoted content | Brexit 08-11-2012

      German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday urged EU leaders to deepen fiscal and economic integration in the EU.  Addressing the European Parliament in her first visit since 2007, Merkel streessed the need for a deal on the EU budget during the …

  • Greece in diplomatic talks amid euro exit fears

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 21-08-2012

    As European leaders slowly return from their summer break, Greece is at the center of the European stage yet again. Athens is expected this week to ask for two extra years to meet its deficit targets. The idea however hasn't gone down well amongst international creditors, who are due to release a 30 bn euro loan as early as next month in order to save Greece from defaulting.
    The European Commission said on Monday that no decision will be made until late September when Europe's assessment on Greece's reforms will be published.

  • Summit to set path towards greater EU integration

    Promoted content | Future EU 26-06-2012

    This will be the fourth 'make or break' EU summit in a year. European leaders are gathering in Brussels later this week to come up with credible solutions to solve the euro crisis. But experts believe this meeting will be no panacea for the euro's problems.
    International pressure is mounting amid fears of a full-scale economic crisis. EU leaders consider that more 'European integration' is the long-lasting solution that markets are so intensively demanding. A banking union and issuing the so-called 'eurobonds' are in the cards.

  • EU prepares for ‘new stage’ in economic union

    Special Report | Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 24-05-2012

    European leaders will discuss plans for deeper economic integration in the euro zone at their next meeting in June, after an inconclusive summit yesterday (23 May) saw open divergences between France and Germany over how to restore the EU's sluggish economic growth. European Council President Herman Van Rompuy will present a report exploring ways to deepen economic integration in the euro zone when EU leaders hold their next meeting on 28-29 June.

  • Hollande to have first date with Merkel

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 15-05-2012

    They will meet in only a few hours. The new French president Francois Hollande has already warned German Chancellor Angela Merkel that he wants growth to be the way out of the crisis.

  • Euro fiscal pact agreed

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 31-01-2012

    This summit clearly belonged to Angela Merkel. The German chancellor on Monday managed to get 25 of the 27 EU countries to sign up to a new EU treaty that will create tougher fiscal rules to support the euro. At the same time, the EU , finally is getting serious about tackling youth unemployment.
    Before getting France to commit to the new fiscal treaty, Merkel had to back off on a controversial German proposal to give the EU a veto on Greek government spending decisions made in Athens.

  • Eurosummit: post-game analysis

    Promoted content | Economy & Jobs 27-10-2011

    European leaders achieved a breakthrough early on Thursday to write off half of Greece's debt and seek foreign capital to double the eurozone's bailout fund to around €1 trillion. But crucial details on the fund's size were left for finance ministers to decide end of November.

  • Merkel: We’re buying time for other countries

    Promoted content | Euro & Finance 26-09-2011

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday said that she can not rule out letting a eurozone country default on its debts. Merkel said that this is a possibility to consider once the Eurozone has a permanent rescue fund in place.
    In a one-hour interview with ARD television, Merkel said a permanent rescue fund is necessary to prevent crisis in countries such as Greece from spilling over to other countries that use the euro as their currency.