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Campaign against Spain's canon AEDE law: "Linking is not a crime" [Miguel Angel Aranda (Viper)/Flickr]
Digital 01-08-2014

Spanish law raises concerns of EU-level ‘Google Tax’

Spanish newspaper publishers could soon demand fees from news aggregators like Google News for posting links to their articles. The law is the latest in a series of similar initiatives by national legislators, leaving EU stakeholders wondering if the Commission will follow suit with EU law.
Digital 13-02-2014

Current ‘Libor’ regulation is a threat to financial journalism

Financial reporting could fall under the scope of the  proposed Libor regulation on financial benchmarks, undermining the role played by journalists. EU regulators must recognise this and exempt the media from the regulation, writes Angela Mills Wade.

Industry rep: ‘Media companies would rather be left alone’

Media executives and policymakers meet on Tuesday (21 January) at the Future Media Lab conference in Brussels. Industry representatives and innovators will exchange thoughts with EU policymakers on how to reinvent the media business model, even if, says Angela Mills Wade, “there is no need for any new media-specific rules or regulations. Media companies would rather be left alone”.