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Elections 25-01-2016

Centre-right candidate wins Portugal’s presidential election

Centre-right candidate Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa won Portugal's presidential election yesterday (24 January), an outcome that should help maintain political balance after a dramatic swing to the left in October's parliamentary ballot.
Enlargement 12-01-2016

Portugal marks three decades of EU membership

Portugal is celebrating 30 years of membership of the European Union, with its government hailing it as the most prosperous period in its history.
Euro & Finance 24-11-2015

Socialist Costa to head Portuguese government with uneasy far-left backing

Portugal's president named Socialist leader Antonio Costa as prime minister on Tuesday, ending weeks of political stalemate and paving the way for the first, if potentially unstable, Socialist government reliant on the far left for its survival.
Elections 09-11-2015

Green light for left-wing government in Portugal

The Portuguese Communist Party has agreed to form a governing coalition with the Socialist Party. The fate of Portugal’s minority government will be decided in a vote of no confidence on Tuesday (10 November). Our partner La Tribune reports.
Elections 28-10-2015

Portugal’s new cabinet likely to be short-lived

Portugal's president accepted yesterday (27 October) the line-up of a new minority government that will be sworn in on Friday, starting the countdown on persuading the opposition-dominated parliament to accept its program or face the collapse of the cabinet.
Elections 26-10-2015

Political crisis boiling in Portugal

The Portuguese parliament is likely to reject the program of the centre-right government of Pedro Passos Coelho, plunging the country into uncertainty.
Elections 21-10-2015

Portugal’s Socialist leader expects to be named Prime Minister

Portugal's centre-right prime minister, and the head of the opposition Socialists, made rival offers yesterday (20 October) to form the next government, exacerbating the country's political stalemate following this month's inconclusive election.
Elections 23-07-2015

President of Portugal calls for election, as no clear leader emerges

Portugal's general election will be held on 4 October, the president decided yesterday (22 July) as he urged politicians to ensure that the next government has a majority in parliament amid opinion polls that show no clear leader.