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Health 02-12-2021

Regulators should walk the talk on non-animal methodologies

With different chemical-related proposals on the table, it is crucial to ensure that EU legislation is adapted to not include testing on animals, according to an industry expert.
Health 18-11-2021

Two million animals stand in firing line of EU’s new sustainable chemical ambitions

Requirements in the EU’s chemical strategy for sustainability would see an additional 2 million animals used for testing unless a concerted effort is made to invest in alternatives to animal testing, stakeholders have warned.
Health 21-09-2021

Health Brief: DG SANTE’s to-do list

Welcome to EURACTIV’s very first Health Brief! In this first edition, we spoke to the European Commission's director-general for health and food safety, Sandra Gallina, to find out what is in store this autumn when it comes to health.
Health 20-09-2021

MEPs prod Commission to chart animal testing phase out

Lawmakers in the European Parliament have adopted a non-binding resolution asking the EU executive to come up with an action plan to phase out the use of animals for scientific experiments and tests.
Agrifood 15-11-2019

Green MEP calls for EU action plan on alternatives to animal testing

All initiatives to promote alternatives to animal testing are welcome, but lawmakers should be bolder and impose some mandatory measures as well, Luxembourgish MEP Tilly Metz has said.
Agrifood 26-11-2018

EU ‘fully committed’ to ending animal testing, insists Commissioner

The EU remains “fully committed” to phasing out testing on animals, Internal Market and Industry Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska told delegates at the annual conference of the European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to animal testing on 20 November.
Health 04-05-2018

EU Parliament calls for global ban on animal testing for cosmetics

The European Parliament on Thursday (3 May) called on the European Union to launch a high-level diplomatic campaign to impose a worldwide ban on animal testing in the cosmetics industry.

EU project hopes to phase out animal-testing

When chemicals are considered too dangerous to be tested on humans, animals have long been the answer to some scientific quandaries. The EU project ToxRisk will act as Europe's flagship for safety assessments that do not require the use of animals. EURACTIV Germany reports.

MEPs unconvinced by European Citizens’ Initiative on vivisection

The European Citizens' Initiative "Stop Vivisection", signed by 1.6 million Europeans, failed to impress MEPs at its parliamentary hearing. EURACTIV France reports

Third successful citizens’ petition calls for end to animal testing

A European Citizens’ Initiative urging the European Commission to draft legislation against medical experimentation on animals reached the threshold of one million signatures, making it the third citizens’ petition to meet the 1 November filing deadline.
Economy & Jobs 11-03-2013

Europe slaps full ban on animal testing for cosmetics

Guinea pigs, rats, and rabbits can sleep safe and sound in Europe as of today (11 March) after the last deadline specified in the Cosmetics Regulation entered into force across the European Union, forbidding the industry from using animal testing.
Regional Policy 30-03-2010

Red faces as regions chief loses election, stands down

Italian socialist politician Mercedes Bresso, recently elected the first female president of the Committee of the Regions, will have to quit less than two months into the job after losing a regional election in Italy yesterday (29 March).
Public Affairs 16-02-2010

Ombudsman to probe EU animal testing report

The European Ombudsman, P. Nikiforos Diamandouros, has opened an investigation into how the European Commission conducted a study into the use of chimpanzees for research purposes.
Health 22-06-2006

Industry commits to reduce animal testing

Major chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, crop protection and cosmetics companies have agreed on an action plan aiming to reduce animal testing by finding alternative methods through R&D.
Health 08-11-2005

Commission-industry partnership aims to reduce animal testing

Industry sectors representing the European pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics and biotechnology industries will cooperate in research to promote alternative approaches to animal testing.
Health 13-05-2003

Commission presents new testing methods to save animals, maintain drug safety

Thanks to new methods of drug testing revealed by the Commission on 12 May, fever-causing agents (pyrogens) from now on will be detected using human blood cells as biosensors, instead of rabbits.
Health 16-01-2003

Parliament gives final approval to cosmetics legislation

The Parliament finalised on 15 January the decade-long discussion over animal testing of cosmetics giving industry a 2009 deadline to find alternative testing methods.
Health 08-11-2002

Success at second conciliation meeting on animal testing ban for cosmetics

The second conciliation of the Parliament and the Council resulted in an agreement on the banning of animal testing and marketing for cosmetics.
Health 09-10-2002

Failure of first conciliation talks on animal testing ban for cosmetics

The delegations of the Parliament and the Council failed to reach an agreement on the ban for cosmetic products tested on animals during their concilation meeting of 7 October.
Health 07-10-2002

Difficult conciliation expected on animal testing ban for cosmetics

The hotly contested issue of a ban on animal-tested cosmetic products will be on the agenda of the Concilitation Committee on Monday 7 October. The cosmetics industry claims that it needs more time to develop alternative tests and that a marketing ban will lead to trade disputes with the US and Japan.

EU Scientific Committee states research needs animal testing

The EU's Scientific Advisory Committee has reacted to the protest movement against research using animals by stating that such experiments are vital in the battle against global diseases such as malaria and AIDS.
Aquaculture 04-04-2001

EP wants to ban animal-tested cosmetics

European Parliament votes to ban sales of cosmetics tested on animals