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Energy 26-05-2016

Cyprus will develop offshore gas irrespective of reunification

Cyprus will continue its project of developing offshore gas, keeping this dossier “completely separate” from the negotiations for the reunification of the island, the Cypriot Minister of Energy, Yorgos Lakkotrypis, said today (26 May).
Enlargement 26-02-2013

Merkel, Erdo?an cross swords on Cyprus

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed support yesterday (25 February) for opening a new chapter in Turkey’s paralised EU accession talks, but crossed swords with Ankara on the deadlock surrounding divided Cyprus.
Enlargement 11-10-2012

Turkey doesn’t recognise itself in EU’s ‘broken mirror’

The European Commission’s annual report on Turkey, published on Wednesday (10 October), calls for a resumption of negotiations with the EU candidate that are stalled because of the long-running territorial dispute with Cyprus. A Turkish minister called the report a “huge disappointment” and a “broken mirror”.
Global Europe 03-12-2010

Hopes fade as Cyprus talks reach deadlock

As UN-mediated talks on the reunification of Cyprus stagnate, representatives from both sides of the divided island accused each other of bad faith during separate visits to Brussels.
Enlargement 08-11-2010

Commission discrete on ‘secret negotiations’ with Turkey

A European Commission spokesperson said today (8 November) she was unable to confirm media reports about "secret negotiations" aimed at unblocking Turkey's accession talks, in which Enlargement Commissioner Štefan Füle reportedly played a central role.