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Euro & Finance 06-08-2013

Troika stand in the way of Greek reforms

The Greek government wants to move ahead with reforms, yet the Troika – insisting on numbers rather than on reforms – is blocking the government, writes Anna Visvizi.
Euro & Finance 04-10-2012

Time bomb is ticking for Greek ‘savings package’

With the success of the fiscal adjustment programme in Greece uncertain, and the future of the coalition government in doubt, today’s Greece resembles a barrel of gunpowder ready to explode, writes Anna Visvizi.
Elections 21-06-2012

The new Greek government needs EU support

Although the establishment of a coalition government in Greece marks an important step for the country to escape the danger of descending into political and economic turmoil, the new government faces a number of challenges that will weigh heavily on its stability and, ultimately, on its success, argues Anna Visvizi.
Elections 02-04-2012

Grand coalition to govern Greece?

Although it is too early to make valid predictions about the outcome of the parliamentary elections in Greece, the fragmentation of the political scene might render a coalition government of Nea Democratia and PASOK the least worst option following the elections, argues Anna Visvizi.
Euro & Finance 19-03-2012

Greece: The riddle of perplexity

Some positive developments in Greece such as liberalisations in important sectors of the economy are counterbalanced by negative factors such as the reform programme's similarity to the failed programme of 2010 or the political instability ahead of the national elections, making an already difficult situation into an even more complex one, argues Anna Visvizi from DEREE college.
Euro & Finance 28-02-2012

Greece: The odds of growth

Demonising tax evasion and corruption in Greece has long been a governmental strategy in order to avoid the politically costly structural reforms that could lead the country out of its current crises, argues Anna Visvizi.
Euro & Finance 15-02-2012

Greece: Drifting away from default

The austerity measures agreed recently by the Greek Parliament have yet to convince EU leaders, and though the country may avoid default, it is likely to drift into other dark alleys, writes Anna Visvizi from DEREE - The American College of Greece.
Euro & Finance 07-02-2012

Greece: Between bailout and default

With the negotiations balancing on a thin line between bailout and default, what the Greek economy needs is a major reduction of the public sector followed by privatisation and tax reductions, writes Anna Visvizi from the American College of Athens.