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Global Europe 16-05-2022

EU ministers urge Hungary to sign up to planned Russian oil embargo

EU foreign ministers sought to publicly pressure Hungary on Monday (16 May) to lift its veto on a proposed oil embargo on Russia, with Lithuania saying the bloc was being "held hostage by one member state".
Global Europe 10-05-2022

Germany embraces Macron’s proposal for a ‘European Political Community’

While Germany does not support a fast-tracked accession of Ukraine, foreign minister Annalena Baerbock said that she supports the idea of a reform of the EU to allow Ukraine and other countries to integrate more deeply with the bloc.
Eastern Europe 10-05-2022

German foreign minister calls for prosecution of war criminals during Ukraine visit

German Foreign minister Annalena Baerbock travelled to Kyiv on Tuesday (10 May) as the first minister of Scholz’s cabinet, where she demanded that the “war crimes and the crimes against humanity”  be investigated.
Politics 20-04-2022

Delivery of heavy weapons no longer ‘taboo’, foreign minister says

With German chancellor Olaf Scholz increasingly caught in a crossfire over his hesitancy to assist Ukraine, foreign minister Annalena Baerbock stressed on Wednesday (20 April) that the shipment of heavy weaponry would now be on the table.
Europe's East 07-03-2022

German ministers warn against boycotting Russian oil

Germany's finance and foreign ministers cautioned Sunday (6 March) against banning Russian energy imports as the West searches for ways to tighten the screws on Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine.
Europe's East 28-02-2022

Russia’s war in Ukraine triggers U-turn in Germany’s foreign policy thinking

The German government has broken with its long-standing tradition of its foreign and security policy that was rooted in ‘peace’ diplomacy and reserved defence spending and termed the Ukraine war to be a “turning point” in its policy approach.
Europe's East 24-02-2022

Germany supports massive sanctions to retaliate against Russia

Russia's military aggression against Ukraine will be met with massive sanctions, top German officials announced on Thursday (24 February), after Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a military operation with airforce and ground troops against its neighbour.

Greenpeace chief to lead German climate diplomacy

The chief of Greenpeace International, Jennifer Morgan, has been tapped to lead in the German government on international climate policy.

Germany’s hydrogen diplomacy is a lifeline for Russia

With Germany setting up hydrogen offices from Moscow to Riyadh, one would think the government is banking on the gas being the new petroleum. However, the move has been met with confusion from many. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Global Europe 27-01-2022

Germany agrees to axe Nord Stream 2 if Russia invades Ukraine

The United States and Germany appear to have agreed that the Russia-favoured Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will not come to life if Russia invades Ukraine, according to statements from the two countries' officials.
Energy 19-01-2022

Germany’s ‘hydrogen diplomacy’ under fire in Ukraine

Amidst rising military tensions between Ukraine and Russia, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock’s visit to Kyiv focused on the massive amounts of renewable hydrogen Germany aims to import in the future.
Global Europe 19-01-2022

‘We want peace’: Blinken to meet Russian, Ukrainian officials, US says

US President Joe Biden's top diplomat will seek to defuse a crisis with Moscow over Ukraine when he meets the Russian foreign minister in Geneva this week following visits with Ukrainian leaders in Kyiv and European officials in Berlin.
Global Europe 18-01-2022

Germany’s Baerbock speaks of ‘fundamental disagreements’ with Russia

During her official visit to Ukraine, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock spoke of "fundamental disagreements" with Russia, but spoke positively of Russia's agreement to revive the Normandy format.

Germany continues blocking arms exports to Ukraine due to new foreign ‘peace’ policy

Germany reiterated its refusal to send defensive weapons to Ukraine that according to Kyiv would help the country fend off a potential Russian invasion. This comes as part of a new German peace policy that aims at restricting arms exports and fostering peace via diplomacy.
Global Europe 23-12-2021

West accuses Moscow of ‘escalation’ at Ukraine border ahead of talks

Several western countries on Wednesday (22 December) accused Russia of "escalating" the tense situation at the border with Ukraine, and promised to present a united front when talks with Moscow begin in January.
Energy 20-12-2021

German government row over Nord Stream 2

The honeymoon period of the new German “traffic light” government may officially be over: vice chancellor Robert Habeck has threatened to block the contentious Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline as part of sanctions against Russia, revealing tensions within the coalition over the project.
Energy 13-12-2021

New German government repeats old fallback positions on Nord Stream 2

The new German chancellor and the foreign minister made statements over the weekend, which didn’t signal a shift of policy with respect to the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline compared to the positions of the Merkel administration.
Politics 10-12-2021

Germany’s Baerbock attempts to square the circle with Poland

Germany's new Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock stressed the value of German-Polish friendship during her inaugural visit to Warsaw on Friday (10 December) but said it to have "intensive discussions" on the rule of law issues in its eastern neighbour.
Elections 08-12-2021

Germany’s new government bets on inaugural trips to help bolster EU’s key role

Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, sworn in as Germany's new chancellor on Wednesday (8 December), will already be embarking on a series of inaugural visits across Europe, accompanied by his foreign minister, Green co-leader Annalena Baerbock
EU-China 02-12-2021

Germany’s incoming foreign minister vows tough China stance

Germany's incoming foreign minister, Annalena Baerbock from the Green party, on Wednesday (1 December) pledged "dialogue and toughness" in dealing with China, and did not rule out a boycott of Beijing's Winter Olympics.
Elections 26-11-2021

Annalena Baerbock, Germany’s first woman top diplomat

A former medal-winning trampolinist, Annalena Baerbock is no stranger to aiming high. But the 40-year-old's next leap will be her biggest yet as she becomes Germany's first woman foreign minister.
Elections 24-11-2021

German parties seal deal on new ‘traffic light’ coalition

Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens and the business-friendly liberal FDP have finalised their coalition agreement for a new government, two months after the general elections, with Olaf Scholz to succeed Angela Merkel as the new chancellor in December. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Future German Chancellor committed to gas, Greens fall in line

As the European Commission is expected to present the rules for sustainable finance via the EU taxonomy this year, the largest EU state and its future chancellor is more committed to gas than ever.
Elections 06-10-2021

German small parties pick Social Democrats over conservatives for coalition talks

Germany’s Greens and the liberal FDP, two kingmakers after the inconclusive federal election, have announced they want to launch talks about a potential coalition with the Social Democrat SPD, rather than with outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU. The first discussions are planned for Thursday (7 October).