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Agrifood 26-05-2020

European Patent Office endorses EU’s stance on conventionally-bred plants

The longstanding legal saga on patentability for plants obtained by conventional biological processes has been seemingly put to an end after the Enlarged Body of the European Patent Office (EPO) published an opinion upholding the EU's standpoint.
Agrifood 18-04-2019

MEPs confirm electric fishing ban, despite eleventh-hour Dutch effort

The European Parliament approved on Tuesday (16 April) new technical rules on fishing activities and catching methods allowed within EU waters, confirming that the use of electric currents or 'pulse fishing' will be illegal from mid-2021.
Expo Milan
Agrifood 25-11-2015

Fair income for farmers makes Europe independent

A fair economy should go hand in hand with a fair income. But this is not quite the case yet in the agriculture business, write Annie Schreijer-Pierik and Jaco Geurts.