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Economic governance 22-11-2017

Commission calls for reforms to address wage stagnation

The European Commission told member states on Wednesday (22 November) to prioritize policies that support wage growth, in light of the economic pain still suffered by many Europeans.
Euro & Finance 03-01-2017

Eurozone manufacturing: Fresh data shows steady recovery

The year's first economic numbers show encouraging signs that the eurozone’s economic recovery is steady and moving in the right direction, despite gloomy predictions.
Euro & Finance 27-11-2015

Italy, France and Belgium warned over high debt, low growth

Italy, France and Belgium are vulnerable to economic shocks because of their large public debts and low potential growth, the European Commission warned on Thursday (26 November).
Euro & Finance 28-11-2014

France, Italy, Belgium promise reform to avoid sanctions

France, Italy and Belgium have sent letters to the European Commission pledging structural reforms and possible extra fiscal steps to buy time before a ruling on whether their budget policies break EU rules, Commissioners said on Friday (28 November) while presenting assessments of the draft budgets of the 18 eurozone countries.