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Economy & Jobs 20-12-2018

Enhancing cooperation in trade is key to combat piracy

Almost 10% of clothing and footwear sold in the EU are fakes and the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) defends the need for legally binding instruments to fight piracy when negotiating trade agreements with third countries, writes Christian Archambeau.
Economy & Jobs 08-06-2018

Conservative MEP: Plain packaging will not tackle rising obesity

Most people gain weight because of the lifestyle and measures like plain packaging will not provide the solutions we need, conservative MEP Daniel Hannan said.
Economy & Jobs 07-06-2017

President Juncker, help us say no to fake goods!

Today, on World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, Alain Galaski calls on the Commission to act more decisively against counterfeiting.
Trade & Society 13-12-2016

Industry group says smartphones could help slash growing trade in counterfeits

Smartphones could help slash the amount of counterfeit products that are sold in Europe, according to a new report.
Euro & Finance 15-04-2016

Germans queue to obtain cutting-edge 5-euro coin

Hundreds of people queued at the Bundesbank in the German city of Frankfurt yesterday (14 April) to get their hands on one of the new five euro coins, Euronews reported.
Alcohol 12-02-2013

Tobacco smugglers thrive on EU’s eastern border

Prohibitive prices of cigarettes and alcohol encourage smuggling, according to participants at a recent conference in Warsaw on smuggling across the EU's eastern border. EURACTIV Poland reports.
Trade & Society 23-08-2010

Anti-counterfeit trade deal planned for September

Negotiators from the United States, the European Union and nine other countries said on Friday (20 August) they planned to finish work in September on a proposed pact to crack down on trade in counterfeit and pirated goods.