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Freedom of thought 12-04-2018

The EU should take a clear stand against anti-Roma hatred in Bulgaria

As Roma week 2018 comes to a close, Violeta Naydenova calls on the member governments and the Commission to use their influence to persuade the Bulgarian Presidency to increase their efforts against anti-Roma hatred in Bulgaria.
Economy & Jobs 26-08-2016

Is the European Commission too white?

The controversy over France's burkini ban - struck down by an administrative court today (26 August) - has thrown the spotlight on issues of diversity, integration and multiculturalism.
Europe's East 06-11-2015

Anti-gay vote ruins Ukraine’s chances for visa-free travel

Ukraine's parliament yesterday (5 November) scuppered the ex-Soviet country's chances of visa-free travel to most EU nations by blocking legislation that would have banned discrimination against gays in the workplace.

NGOs tell Germany to stop blocking anti-discrimination directive

Almost all EU member states are in favour of a planned Union-wide directive against discrimination. Only Berlin objects, and has been targeted by human rights associations, demanding that it stop blocking the legislation. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Digital 02-02-2015

Data protection reform: Why it matters for ethnic and religious minorities

A large amount of data is collected in the EU in contradiction with data protection safeguards and legal standards, writes Andreas Hieronymus. 

Juncker tells Britain to ease up on migrants

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker warned Britain not to discriminate against workers from fellow EU countries and said any moves to restrict the free movement of people could ultimately harm capital flows into London's financial centre.
The English Defence League in a rally against islam [Clive Chilvers/Shutterstock]
Languages & Culture 12-09-2014

It’s time to take action against Islamophobia in Europe

Islamophobia is one of the most violent and frequent forms of racist violence and discrimination in Europe today. But it remains unrecognized, leaving the EU powerless in quantifying and countering this phenomenon, writes Elsa Ray.
Europe's East 20-11-2013

EU demands more reforms from Ukraine to lift visa barrier

While the lead-up to the Vilnius Eastern partnership summit has focused on a mooted EU-Ukraine association agreement, another subject that is dear to Ukrainians will be discussed, free movement across the European Union.

Women likely to face higher insurance costs

A European Union ban on insurers using gender to set prices, which comes into force today (21 December), will likely lead to higher insurance costs for consumers.

Commission wants Roma kids at school

Making sure that all Roma children go to school is a top priority for the European Commission, which presented proposals yesterday (5 April) for each EU member state to develop a national strategy for Roma integration by the end of the year.

Disability: EU promises ‘Accessibility Act’ in 2012

European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding told MEPs last week that she will present a proposal for a 'European Accessibility Act' before the end of 2012. This new legislation is seen by the Commission as a key element of the European Disability Strategy, which was unveiled last year.

EU disability strategy to help 80 million citizens

Some 80 million EU citizens are having difficulty using public buildings, facilities and services such as shops, transport and websites because they have some kind of disability. To address this situation, the European Commission this week (15 November) launched a 10-year strategy to improve accessibility and promote equality.

Businesses urge EU to drop anti-discrimination plans

Citing the ongoing recession, EU employers' group BusinessEurope has called on the European Union to withdraw a directive aimed at fighting discrimination, causing outcry among social NGOs.

Italy considers ‘bridge classes’ for immigrant children

Presented as a way of enhancing the integration of young immigrants, the scheme was strongly criticised in Italy for being potentially discriminatory. Meanwhile, the EU's newly-adopted Immigration Pact came under fire for lacking clear guidelines on integration.

Commission pushes for stronger rights for women workers

The EU executive today (3 October) presented a broad package aimed at helping women to reconcile their professional and private lives, particularly by improving conditions for self-employed and pregnant women.

Mixed reaction to EU’s social package

The Commission's long-awaited social package aimed at tackling discrimination and strengthening workers' rights, which was unveiled yesterday (2 July), was warmly welcomed by MEPs but business federations and civil society groups were dismissive, saying it falls short.

High hopes as Commission unveils social agenda overhaul

The EU's renewed social agenda, due to be presented today (2 July), will feature proposals on strengthening the fight against discrimination and improving workers' rights and cross-border healthcare. It is one of the Commission's priority projects before the end of its tenure, seen by some as its "last chance" to deliver concrete results on improving the lives of EU citizens.

Commission U-turn on anti-discrimination law

MEPs and trade unions' persistent lobbying in favour of comrehensive EU anti-discrimination legislation has eventually born fruit as the Commission informally announced on Monday (16 June) that it would put forward a proposal aimed at outlawing all forms of discrimination beyond the workplace.

EU agenda this week

ECOFIN; Employment Council; Education Council

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