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  • Commission accuses US of biodiesel dumping

    News | Trade & Society 13-06-2008

    The EU has initiated anti-subsidy and anti-dumping investigations into imports of biodiesel from the United States in what could turn into the next major trade row between the bloc and its number one trading partner.

  • Chinese businessmen urge EU restraint on tariffs

    News | Trade & Society 27-02-2008

    Cheap imports do not pose a threat to the EU, Chinese manufacturers have insisted, as the Commission attempts to deal with an increasing number of requests to introduce punitive duties on Chinese products, allegedly dumped on EU markets at below-cost prices.

  • Commission to probe cheap China steel imports

    News | Trade & Society 04-02-2008

    The Commission has launched an investigation into imports of steel from China, South Korea and Taiwan, which European steelmakers have complained are being dumped on the market at below cost price, putting thousands of jobs at stake.

  • Member state divisions delay EU trade reforms

    News | Trade & Society 14-01-2008

    Plans to reform the EU's trade defence mechanisms have been shelved until further notice due to deep divisions among member states over how to deal with cheap imports from countries such as China, EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson has announced.

  • EU steelmakers demand tariffs on China imports

    News | Trade & Society 30-10-2007

    Europe's anti-dumping policy looks set to be put to the test again as European steelmakers up the pressure on the Commission to impose punitive duties on imports from China, South Korea and Taiwan, which they say are being dumped on the market at below cost price. But importers warned such duties could affect some seven million metalworkers and mechanical engineers in Europe who rely on cheap imports to remain competitive.

  • EU faces legal challenge over extension of Chinese light bulb duties

    News | Trade & Society 16-10-2007

    EU ministers have approved a Commission decision to extend anti-dumping duties on imports of energy-saving light bulbs from China, despite protests from environmentalists and a number of leading European companies.

  • Commission extends duties on China light bulbs

    News | Trade & Society 30-08-2007

    European consumers will probably have to wait another year before they see the prices of energy-saving light bulbs fall, following a Commission decision to extend anti-dumping duties on imports from China rather than scrap them immediately.

  • Chinese light-bulb imports spark EU controversy

    News | Trade & Society 29-08-2007

    A row is brewing over a proposal by UK Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson to scrap EU anti-dumping duties of up to 66% on energy-efficient light bulbs imported from China, as his German counterpart, in charge of industry, Günter Verheugen, attempts to block the move. 

  • China warned over widening trade gap

    News | Trade & Society 13-06-2007

    Meeting with his Chinese counterpart, EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson warned that China could face retaliation unless it removes "indefensible" trade barriers that are partly to blame for Europe's ballooning trade deficit with the Asian giant.

  • EU tops world anti-dumping charts

    News | Trade & Society 11-04-2007

    The EU last year launched the world’s highest number of ‘anti-dumping’ investigations, aimed at protecting producers against low-priced imports, most of which from China, a new study reveals. 

  • EU anti-dumping policy ‘unjustifiable’

    Opinion | Science & Policymaking 07-03-2007

    With this policy brief, Brian Hindley of the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) expresses his doubts on the economic justification of EU anti-dumping actions.

  • Chinese shoemakers sue EU

    News | Trade & Society 25-10-2006

    China’s largest privately-owned shoe manufacturer has begun legal action against an EU decision to impose anti-dumping duties on shoe imports.