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Agrifood 09-05-2022

EU not on track to reduce livestock antibiotics, say campaigners

EU and national policies are not ambitious enough to reach the bloc's goal of halving antibiotic use in livestock farming by 2030, according to campaigners, who warn that without sufficient action, humans will also be at risk from antimicrobial resistance.
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Health 04-05-2022

On the brink of a post-antibiotic world, the European Commission is failing to tackle the crisis

New EU regulation is on the brink of futility as the European Commission refuses to reserve for exclusive use in humans a single antimicrobial currently authorised for veterinary use. There are two weeks left to change that.
Health 09-03-2022

EU medicines agency reserves antimicrobials for humans to combat rising superbugs

The European Medicine's Agency has created a guide listing the antimicrobials which should be reserved exclusively for humans to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR). But eyebrows were raised when one divisive antimicrobial, colistin, did not make the cut.
Health 16-09-2021

Parliament sides with Commission to approve controversial new antimicrobials rules

The European Parliament has given its green light to a controversial new antimicrobials regulation, dismissing a motion calling for tighter restrictions on antibiotics use in animals and allowing the Commission to move forward on its plans to tackle anti-microbial resistance.