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EU Elections 2019 30-11-2018

Géraldine Schwarz: ‘My grandmother was fascinated by Hitler’

Understanding the history of average people during the Second World War fills in the gaps in collective memory, which are often exploited by the far right in Europe. This is the argument made by Les Amnésiques (“The Amnesiacs”), which was awarded the 2018 European Book Prize and reads like a novel. EURACTIV France reports.    
Future EU 24-03-2017

Pittella: Socialists pushed ‘social agenda’ into Rome Declaration

The Rome Declaration will be balanced and contain strong references to social issues thanks to pressure exerted by the EU's socialist leaders, Gianni Pittella told EURACTIV.com.
Global Europe 30-01-2017

Bulgaria’s Radev: ‘I fear EU will remain hostage of sanctions war against Russia’

EXCLUSIVE / "Bulgaria’s choice of the EU and NATO is strategic and should not be called into question," the country's new President, Rumen Radev, told EURACTIV.com in an exclusive interview as he arrives in Brussels today (30 January) for his first visit abroad.
Lambert: Being an MEP doesn't stop me going on demos.
Elections 13-01-2017

Greens’ Parliament candidate: ‘I’m actually radical’

One of the outside candidates for the European Parliament Presidency explains why a Brit, a woman and a Green should get the job – even if her respectable appearance and former job as a teacher doesn’t prevent her from going on demos.
Public Affairs 06-01-2017

Syriza minister: Tajani represents the austerity establishment

Austerity widens social and economic disparities at the expense of the majority of people. EPP candidate for European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, has always been a representative of the austerity establishment, Panagiotis Kouroumplis said in an interview with EURACTIV.com.
Global Europe 16-12-2016

Tajani: ‘I will be a president who fights for values’

As it continues to reduce public debt, Europe should stick to the "social economy model" and ensure no one is left behind by globalisation, Italian MEP Antonio Tajani, the European People's Party (EPP) group's candidate for the Parliament presidency, said in an interview with EURACTIV.com.
Europe's East 22-10-2015

Tajani: ‘Orban made mistakes, but opened debate’

Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán made “mistakes” when dealing with the refugee crisis, but has highlighted the importance of Europe's borders, European Parliament Vice-President Antonio Tajani told EURACTIV Spain.
Trade & Society 15-07-2013

Tajani: Europe needs an Erasmus programme for workers

The European Commission wants to encourage young workers to gain education and skills in other countries, a sort of Erasmus programme for workers, Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani tells EURACTIV Slovakia in an interview.
Trade & Society 21-05-2013

Tajani: Europe can reach 20% industry target

Policymakers need to understand how the real economy is operating, especially with industry under pressure, says the commissioner for industry and entrepreneurship, Antonio Tajani. In a video interview, te tells EURACTIV that getting European funds out to SMEs is critical to the target of increasing industrial output to 20% of European GDP by 2020.
Trade & Society 22-01-2013

Steel chief: Industrial policy ‘needs the support of Barroso’

SPECIAL REPORT / European Union leaders are in broad agreement over the need to encourage manufacturing industries. But walking the talk will require reforms at EU level – on energy, climate and trade – that require clearer support from European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, argues Gordon Moffat, from the Eurofer steel association.
China 22-03-2012

Tajani: EU should open up to Russian, Chinese tourists

EU countries should introduce as early as this summer a much more flexible system to deliver visas to citizens of Russia, China and Brazil who are "big spenders" as tourists, Antonio Tajani, commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.