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Coronavirus 15-03-2022

Severe COVID-19 may lead to depression or anxiety, study finds

A study found that serious COVID-19 illness is linked to an increase in the risk of long-term adverse mental health implications, such as depression and anxiety.
Health 16-02-2022

With benefits of modern life at an all-time high, why are we all so anxious?

Despite global wealth hitting an all-time peak, people feel increasingly insecure in almost every country, including the countries with high levels of human development. Achim Steiner explains why we are so anxious and what should be done.
Health 09-11-2021

COVID-19 hit mental health of French students hard – report

France's students have reported an increase in anxiety and depressive disorders, as well as suicidal thoughts during the COVID-19 pandemic, a study by France's national health and medical research institute (INSERM) and the University of Bordeaux published on Tuesday (9 November) has found. EURACTIV France reports.