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Technology 17-04-2020

EU says coronavirus tracking apps should avoid storing data on servers

Mobile apps to track coronavirus cases in Europe should keep as much data as possible on the user’s device rather than in a central server to best maintain individual privacy, an EU document says.
Technology 15-03-2018

EU telecoms regulators examine whether app stores restrict internet access

European telecoms regulators are investigating whether app stores restrict internet access by limiting their users’ choice of content, the chair of the umbrella group of EU watchdogs said on Wednesday (14 March).
Technology 12-02-2018

Apple’s Shazam acquisition under EU scrutiny

Apple’s Shazam acquisition could affect competition. The company spent  $400 million (€340 million) for the application.
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Technology 18-05-2015

Europe’s digital start-ups need swift DSM strategy

The EU can take responsibility for changing the overall business environment for digital start-ups and infuse a more entrepreneurial mind-set throughout Europe, writes Kaya Taner.
Technology 03-02-2015

How Europe can win in the global app economy

As the European Union prepares its plan for a Digital Single Market, policy-makers must take full account of the fastest growing segment of that market – the app industry, writes Sophie Mestchersky.
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Technology 02-12-2014

Enabling Smart City Services through Open Data and Mobile Applications

What will change to live in a "smart city”?
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Technology 10-11-2014

Human Smart Cities and MyNeighbourhood

Human smart cities require a great involvement of their citizens if they are to be truly inclusive, innovative and sustainable. This calls for a new approach and vision embodied in what is being increasingly called: Human Smart Cities.
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Technology 11-07-2014

European Smart Cities projects, local innovation boosters?

Today, Open Government Data is often difficult to access and use by the developer community, let alone the average citizen. In Issy-les-Moulineaux [www.issy.com] and in Paris in the framework of the “Futur-en-Seine Festival”, European Smart Cities projects have come together for 3 days of intensive debates and exchange of good practices to develop new e-Services for citizens at local level across Europe.
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Technology 24-01-2014

Designing citizen’s apps in Ghent, Belgium

Today cities across Europe are under increasing pressure from the economic crisis. Although their services have a huge impact on citizens daily lives, they need to deliver more with less. Today almost everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket. They provide citizens on the move with access to data and services from anywhere. If cities start using these technologies, it could spark a revolution in public services.